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  1. I'm sorry to hear that it isn't a meteorite. However, i am glad it has given you an interesting journey, and i have had a great time reading through this thread (and leaning too) Better luck next time
  2. I don't think i could consider seeling them, as they were passed down from my grandad and are older than me. I had noticed the lack of field correction, but this doesn't really bother me too much. I'll continue to look around for some bigger bins, but won't rush into anything.
  3. That may be a possability, alan. i usually have my zeiss' out when i have my scope out, and was thinking of something to keep in the car to use if i am out and about somewhere. i'll have to try some out before i make a decision.
  4. Thanks. That's kinda what i was thinking. I think i will probably spend the money on another "toy". Not sure what yet, but i'm sure something will come along.
  5. Even if it isn't a meteorite (i hope it is), you could still put it on the mantlepiece and tell everyone that it is. I look forward to hearing what the verdict is.
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to decide whether to by a pair of 8 or 10 by 50 binoculars. If i do, i would be willing to spend up to £50. However, i already have a pair on Zeiss 8x30 bins. Would i achieve anything from getting a bigger pair within my budget? my 8x30s are pretty good optically, so would the reduction in optical quality offset the increase in objective size? Any thoughts would be great.
  7. I wouldn't really say it was your stupidity. It looks as though it should go there, but it doesn't. I believe that you would put the 2" adapter in in place of the 2"-1.25" adapter if you use 2" EPs. Hope you can get some good veiws through it now
  8. Thanks, very interesting reading:)
  9. this may be a silly question, but why does the moon wobble like that?
  10. I just think it is nice to think that while i'm looking up, watching th ISS float across the sky, that the people on it do look back at me:) I might wave to them next time!
  11. I just went out to see what the conditions were like and i saw the moon on the horizon. it is the newest moon i have ever seen, so thin, more like a curved line than a creasent. when i first saw it, i thought it was a contrail in the distance. has anyone else seen the moon this thin before?
  12. Hi, I've got an adapter to mount my camera for afocal photography and i have been taking some test shot during the day. I couldn't help but notice a big black dot in the middle of the shots. could someone tell me what they are, and how to get rid of them? i was using a fujifilm s1600 with my 150p and a stock 25mm ep
  13. I'm glad to see you are happy with your purchase
  14. by my reckoning, the moon should rise in totality. Totality will end about half hour later with the moon at about 3deg above the horizon. the partial phase should end about an hour after totality ends at about 8deg above the horizon. I will definately be going out to have a look if the sky is clear.
  15. Working late shift quite a lot(2-10pm), i find i am late nights aren't really a problem for me. I can get home from work at 10:30, set up by 11, view until 2, 3 or even 4am then sleep until lunch time. It seems i'm in a better position for summer viewing than most people here. Luck me!!!!
  16. I have a Philips planisphere for 51 deg N, but i can lift the edge of the upper disc up, and actual star map underneath shows the constelations down to ~ -60deg. If yours is like this too, could you simply lift the top disc up to view the constelations near the horizon?
  17. Woohoo!!! Thanks for taking the blame off me. I've had my scope 2 weeks now and only managed to use it twice. I hope you like your new EP.
  18. Could someone tell me if this makes any sense? as you increase towards the speed of light, time slows down. so if youaccelerated towards the speed of light, the speed of light itself would increase, because the speed of light is dependand on time. for example, if the speed of light was 10m/s (i know it isn't, but i'm just making numbers up to help explain it easier), and at the speed of light, time slowed down by half (1second would take 2 seconds to pass). The spped of light would then be 20m/s because time has slowed. Therefore, for something to travel at the speed of light, time would be stopped, and travel would be instantanious. Also, this would suggest why you could never travel at the speed of light, because the close you got to it, the further away it would become.
  19. If light (photons) have no mass, how could they be affected by gravity and get pulled into a black hole? Isn't gravity defined as to objects with mass interacting with each other? also, if light is "sucked" into a black hole, doesn't it travel faster than the speed of light when being sucked in?
  20. Reading this has made lots of rediculous and strange thoughts run through my head.... I am struggling with one condition. If i am in a spacecraft traveling near the speed of light, that has no windows in it (so i have no reference to outside the spacecraft). would i be affected by it traveling near the speed of light? I would only be moving relative to the spacecraft. Sorry if i haven't explained my question very well.
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