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  1. Wondering why my pics have been removed

  2. I also would like to thank James....great event.....so all in all....a good weekend was had, it was a shame about the weather....but it gave us time to do a bit of socialising....next door to your very own Dave from Admin...a nice guy....we enjoyed our chicken baguettes at some hour cant not remember. Thanks guys for a good time Marcus
  3. Stick with it guys, I have had mine now for a while...yeh I agree you have to mess about with it at first...but.....and here is the but... when all is sorted you will be amazed at what this scope can do for the money! I nearly sold mine recently but have decided to keep it. There is a guy on here called luis campos, he has one of the these scopes. When I first got mine I got in touch with him, he pointed me in the right direction and since then I have never looked back. As I said for the money...this scope is a serious bit of kit!! Any questions then send me a mail, will be happy to help!
  4. Hi Wondered if anybody could point me in the right direction, I am currently using an Altair 8" F4 as my primary scope, used for astrophotography, along with my Canon 450d. Because of the scope's field of view, some images are not getting totally into the DSLR screen, I am also using a 2" coma corrector in this setup, as this scope doe's need it. So, the question is, can I use a focal reducer somewhere in this equation, so I get a more broader view. Any help would be really appreciated. Marcus
  5. I used a 2x barlow with this shot Stuart, thanks for your comments.
  6. Hi all Having decided to give the DSLR a rest and progress more with the webcam, Jupiter was looking very inviting the other night, the only clear night I have had in months. The shot below was taken using my Altair 8" F4 Newtonian, along with A SPC900 WebCam. The AVI length was 90 seconds, then stacked in Registax 6. Hope you all like it, as it is one of my first stabs with the webcam, any comments greatly received.
  7. Well, lets start at the basics, I could help you if you told me what camera you were using, then i could help there mate
  8. Did you use the barlow with your camera, if you did then you will not get a full picture of the moon, drop the barlow and attach the camera direct to the scope. If you can't gain focus, then unscrew the barlow at the end and take of the magnified glass piece and then attach the barlow tubing to the camera.
  9. For the price of the star shoot, I would suggest using a spc900n webcam, its cheaper for starters and can be purchased from many astro suppliers even flea bay sells them. This can be used in conjunction with free software downloaded from the web called Sharpcap, this is used via a laptop or any pc really depends on what you have to hand. You can attach a projector if you like so all can see. This software also allows you to capture what ever you are viewing, and could be if you like then stacked into a stacking software such as registax ( also free ) to create still images. Just a thought!!
  10. You could try a 35mm extension tube, I use one of these to give a bit more in focal length when using my DSLR.
  11. Daniel is liking it anyway, hopefully we will be both out very soon, him using the Cg5 and me on the NEQ6 !! Weather depending!!! Just doing plans at the moment to build my obsy, it's getting to be a bit of a pain keep carrying the equipment in and out when its clear, the shed arrived this morning so am now looking into ways to modify the roof!!! The pier is built for my NEQ6, and I have installed a power source where the obsy will be located, so moving forward, just want to get it all set ready for winter !!
  12. Didn't want to take up too much of your time on the day, plus you were in pain with your back, all sorted now though. It's a lot different to the NEQ6 lol!! How is your back now by the way, hope its better !! Regards
  13. Hope your still around Kim, Daniel has reset the mount to factory settings, not happy, any way, the other issue is I am trying to enter my long/lat into the time site, having a bit of a problem with that one, the first is, longitude, the hand set has 001'55'00 for west or east, 52'25'00 north, these are the settings i believe for Birmingham, mine however for here are 52.3112°N 1.9677°W. How do I enter these into the hand controller? Cheers
  14. Was looking through the manual today and noticed a section explaining the handset control features. In the tracking section, there are 3 options, tracking off, tracking eq north and eq south, if this mount is being used in the UK, should this be set to eq north. Didn't really understand the explanation, doe's anybody know any more on this subject. Many thanks
  15. F.Y.I I am using an Altair 8" F4 Newtonian, to honest, the Images an getting from this scope still amaze me, it is very, very good indeed. Mine doe's need collimating every time I use it, but that only take 10 mins max. With this scope being so fast the detail and light it collects in such a short space of time is excellent. Good luck with it and clear skies!!!
  16. Hi Alisa, if you have a DLSR already, then I would suggest getting a good tripod first and get some great images of the night sky now. This will make you more aware of how to use your camera in the dark. Daytime stuff is simple, you have so many variations, ie.. ISO, F stops.... At night, its you and the camera. When you decide to put it through your scope.....well....thats when the fun starts. I would suggest that if you want to progress with DLSR imaging, then, you will need a motor driven mount. If you decide to go down the webcam route, then, you will still need a motorised mount. It is all down to seeing the object you want an image of, but also being able to track it across the sky. Think of the stars or planets as a fast moving vehicle, it comes past you, you want to slow it down so you can see it, slowly, but if you want to get a good image you would ask the car to stop infront of you. Bt tracking, your already there, it's moving, so are you. Hope this helps.
  17. Go onto you tube, there are a couple of good registax tutorials, really in depth. the one to look for is the one by astronomy shed.
  18. Hi all took this image the other night before all this wind picked up, haven't been out since. This was taken through my Altair 8" Newt F4, 5x 60sec lights 5x30sec darks frames, using my Canon 350D at ISO 400. Am hoping for this wind to die down to get back out there.
  19. Very good image there for a first attempt, not bad at all!
  20. A webcam will act as an eye piece, and give you and image onto a laptop, normally they are equal to an eye piece the value of 4-6mm. I do not use Dobs but I am sure it is possible, tracking is the key however. You put the webcam in place of an eye piece. Have a look through images on here and you will get a feel of what your scope can do. Hope this helps.
  21. I use a webcam through my finder, as a " finder guider", this works well with PHD, not that expensive to do but effective!
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