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  1. That's good to know Merlin! I managed to get the focus sorted in daylight so as you say just need to work through the alignment know! John
  2. Thanks for all the tips! Before I try anyhting else I thought I'd attach a photo of how I've set it up in case it's badly wrong!
  3. Thanks Merlin, I am sure it's not hardware too, I did by chance find a star with a "fixed" Meade OAG and PHD happily managed 10 min subs. This was shear chance though stumbling across a star. When you mention a "target" star is this a star you have somehow pre-selected or do you take a test image with the main camera and pick a star to find with the OAG? Also I didn't think about moving the scope to find a guide star, what is your process? Do you frame what you what to image and take an exposure to pick your guide star and then move the scope to bring this into the OAG field of view without losing the frame of you imaging target? I was thinking maybe the FL of the 9.25 was the problem but if you manage without the reducer then obviously not! Thanks for your help. John
  4. I have: C9.25 - FR6.3 - Brightstar OAG - QHY 5 I've focused the QHY 5 and checked focus on the moon but when I move to a target I just can't seem to find a star. I even tried the double cluster knowing there would be lots of stars but nothing, a 5 sec sub with the DSLR showed plenty! On M15 I think I had the glob iteslf on the PHD screen as there was a little group in one lump but this was obviously no good for guiding. I have tried rotating the OAG, adjusting the angle of the prism, changing exposure settings and the brightness slider but no joy! When I tried last night there was a lot of moon and LP but would this really wash out a 3 sec exposure of the QHY5?! I've wasted the only 3 clear nights of the last month and I'm reaching the end of my patience! Any help gratefully received! John
  5. So, I'm all set up for the third night on the trot and the clouds have turned up again, I must be very patient! Having just downloaded the full version of APT I notice the FWHM focus aid is available, is the way I should be doing it? I see it mentioned regularly by people who know what they are doing and I'm thinking that will do me! If I use it I guess I don't bother with the Bhatinov and just use FWHM on one of my alignment stars? John:icon_scratch:
  6. I started with an 8" LX90 and found it very easy to set up and the scope and hand set very straight forward to use. I may be selling mine soon, pm me if you want ! John
  7. Kh3ldar that is right - the error says a device attahed to the programme is not working. So you think take off Qhy 5 drivers and reinstall? I am up for trying (or giving up!) anything!
  8. Any ideas? I'm not sure but I may have a dodgy ST4 cable? Can't seem to find a guide star, clouds are coming in and out though. I am getting fed up of wasting my time stood outside like an idiot!
  9. That sounds sensible as the pick up prism would make the star look uneven?
  10. Do I have to use an eyepiece or can I use the live view on the DSLR? When it is connected the light path would be C9.25 - FR6.3 - OAG - DSLR. When I try it I can take the star out of focus and collimate zoomed in at x200 but when I go to the other side of focus the collimation will be out. If I adjust this and check again the other way I find that I am just chasing it and can't seem to get both sides of focus collimated. Should I just be using and eyepiece? John
  11. That's great, thanks for the help you've given me so far! John
  12. It may be worth checking the focal length of the reducer. I had an unbranded one which I couldn't bring into focus at all as there wasn't enough adjustment. When I checked it, I can't remember the measurements, but it was way off what it should be. (I had used ok on my old LX90 though). I bought a Celestron F6.3 and my problem was solved! Bern at Modern Astronomy talked me through this and how to (safely!!) check the focal length by bringing the sun in to focus just holding the focal reducer. (not in the telescope!!) HTH John
  13. Have a look at Modern Astronomy, Bern is very helpfull, or pehaps Astronomiser. John
  14. Taken with the C9.25 and Phliips webcam, I'm pretty pleased!! Capture 26_09_2011 22_28_50.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 22_37_25.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 22_41_09.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 22_48_49.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 22_54_23.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 22_59_20.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 23_05_01.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 23_10_02.bmp Capture 26_09_2011 23_16_29.bmp
  15. I've never managed anything like that though! I did try a couple in alt/az but obviously that was very handicapped. I'm learning with the EQ6 now though and got up to 10 min subs before the weather closed in again this week. My next challenge is processing, after stacking in DSS I haven't got a clue!!
  16. That looks fantastic to me, the work has really paid off! John
  17. The viewing through the Antares always seems poor to me unless I am expecting too much, even with a mid range eyepiece like a 19mm Panoptic. The same applies if I ever try it with the webcam. Is a FL of 25 only achievable if you step up to something like a DMK then?
  18. For planetary imagingwith a webcam am I right in thinking a FL of 25 is about right? If so is the Televue x2.5 the way forward? Can I use it for visual as effectivly as say a x2 Televue Barlow (it would be handy if it did both jobs but not essential) I have a cheap Antares Barlow at the moment and it's rubbish! John
  19. That's great! What capture software did you use? I've been using an SPC with Sharpcap but I don't think Sharpcap is compatible with my QHY5, which I'm sure would be better quality. John
  20. Spot on, found them just where you said!! Thanks!
  21. This is very basic! I took subs last and the option to save to PC is checked in APT. I also took a couple in EOS Utils and they are in my pictures. I can't for the life of me find them, where have they gone!! It would be annoying if I've lost them! John
  22. Thanks Earl. Think I've got it now, it looks like it might be tricky for me to find stars using the OAG but I'm on one now!! Just tring to push up the subs to 300s to see what happens! John
  23. I am trying PHD for the first time and struggling. I am using C9.25/OAG/QHY5/NEQ6. When I try to calibrate nothing seems to happen until count 61 when RA cal fails. I click on the scope icon but how can I be sure they are talking? I have the ST4 cable going from the qhy5 straight to the mount. This is very frustrating!! Thanks, John
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