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  1. Hi, When using my 1000d normally, not for AP, I seem to have a problem with auto focus. I cannot take a picture by holding the button half down to focus, no problem though if I focus manually with the lens. Have I somehow disabled a function or do you think it's a more serious problem? (AF on the lens is switched on and I can't see a problem with the connectors) Thanks, John:icon_scratch:
  2. Malc, Does your adaptor have a stud in it for azimuth adjustment? (Looks great by the way for £80!) John
  3. Looks great! I assume you will be leaving the mount on the pier permanently, what are you using for protection? I suppose whatever you use the mount will still dew up overnight so there must be some degree of corrosion? Regards, John
  4. Thanks for the info and encouragement Stuart! Those tutorials are new to me, I had used the one on Astronomy shed. Also good tips on the settings. I am happy that the scope is cooled and I have focused with the Bhatinov. Collimation I have done each time by eye with a mid power eyepiece. Do you think this is good enough or should I be using a cunning piece of software?! Thanks, John
  5. Olly, Actually I was wondering about the size of the obs? If you are imaging only I guess it doesn't need to be as big as for visual? The only reason I ask is I keep mulling over a little obsy at home (for imaging and visual) but the best location for it is very tight on space. In the photos yours doesn't look too large so that is encouraging! John
  6. I've been wondering if it is the seeing, but as I am pretty inexperienced too it is hard to know. My results, sporadic as they are, seem fairly consistent though. And no where near as good as a lot of the images on here. I keep thinking about investing in an Imaging Source cam but want to make sure I am getting the best from the little Phillips before throwing a load more cash at the problem! John
  7. I seem to have hit a bit of a wall using my C9.25 and SPC900. I've attached a non barlow and barlow with capture settings to show where I'm at. I am processing with Registax 5 but mostly just move the wavelet sliders in random directions until I pronounce it finished! I feel that I should be getting more with my kit, what do you think?! Thanks, John Capture 01_11_2011 19_26_36.CameraSettings.txt Capture 01_11_2011 19_36_41.CameraSettings.txt
  8. As a matter of interest what size did you opt for?
  9. Thanks for that Justin, I'll try tweaking that exposure. Final dumb question I promise - where is the histo on sharpcap and what do you mean by 3/4?! John
  10. Hi, Having read the sticky on all you need to know about eyepieces I have so far collected a 13mm Nagler, 19mm Panoptic and 31mm Nagler (monster that I'm yet to use!). The advice in the sticky is to go approx 7mm for high power but I'm cautious that this may be too much for our average seeing. Do you think I would get more use at say 9mm? Any thoughts or experience from others much appreciated. Thanks, John
  11. Thanks Clayton, if it's not too cheeky below are the settings for the x2.5 powermate capture: [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera] Resolution=640x480 Frame Rate (fps)=10.00 Colour Space / Compression=YUY2 Exposure=-7 Brightness=64 Contrast=32 Saturation=20 Gamma=16 ColorEnable=255 BacklightCompensation=0 Gain=35 Do you think these look reasonable? Dim question but I guess you mean 5fps when using the powermate, and perhaps without as well? Thanks, John
  12. Thanks for the pointers, I have used Astronomy Shed and found it really handy. I somehow missed the SGL one! I always use 10fps but I think you are right that I need to re-visit my settings. Fo comparison attached are two images I took on the first with and without the powermate. I think I need to go back through the tutorials and I'll post my next attempt, good or bad!! John
  13. I picked up a x2.5 powermate recently, I've only had a quick play with it but the image appeared very dim, it felt like it was too much. I'm not sure if that is conditions, camera settings ir both?! I did play with the wavelets in Registax but that involves alot of random sliding until I pronounce it finished! As you can see I don't really know what I'm doing! Any tips or pointers to a good tutorial would be very very welcome! John
  14. This is not going to win any prizes but I'm happy to get something! C9.25/SPC880 Registax 5 and no processing. It wasn't until I processed these that I realised I had caught a transit, which was nice! I seem to struggle to get much more detail than this, I'm not sure if that is down to seeing or me trying to image too low in the sky, still, all good fun! John
  15. What do you use to be more secure? John
  16. Thanks for that, I have set up the focus during the day so I am happy with that. The last time out I found that taking the dark frames did help quite a lot. Noise reduction is new to me though, how do I go about that?! John
  17. Thanks for the replies. I have tried all gain and exposure settings. Due to cloud I am struggling for opportunities to practice at the moment though, I think I may be resigned to the fact that with some targets I may not be able to find a guide star with the SCT. On my last try I did find a star but then cloud killed the session! Excuse my ignorance but allthough I have heard of binning I don't understand it or how it may help me guide??!! Thanks, John
  18. Hi Steve, Thanks for this. I have been using your web site recently and found it a great help finding my way around the sky with my new 15 x 70's. I have been using goto scopes for about a year but now find I'm using the binos more as there is no set up hassle. I can be out there as soon as there is a break in the clouds which there are a lot of!! I find the binos give me a sense of perspective and scale that I don't get through a scope. Being a beginner though I do need lists of suitable targets and this is perfect for me as it is specific to the season. Thanks again. John
  19. I have been having trouble finding a guide star, I've focused during daylight and even checked craters on the moon. I'm wodering if the settings are the problem as they seem alot different to others I have seen here. What do you think? RA Agressivness: 70 RA Hysteresis: 50 Max RA duration (ms): 1000 Search region (pixels): 15 Min. motion (pixels): 0.115 Calibration steps (ms): 1483 Time lapse (ms): 0 Thanks, John
  20. I managed to get it last night in my 15 x 70's which I was really chuffed with. The lp is pretty bad here so trying for the North American Neb was definatley a brdige too far! John
  21. They look superb to me, very sharp!
  22. Looking forward to your first light Will, I've got an itchy trigger finger for this cam! I would like to go colour to avoid the cost and hassle of filters - I am pretty lazy!
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