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  1. Thanks Nick, I have tried turning everything off, polar aligned again but still no joy! I'm starting to lose my sense of humour now after 4hrs wasted!
  2. For some reason tonight the dec just drops away and won't stop. I tried M81 and thought may be I was too near the pole so dropped down to M101 but again it just keeps dropping away. I've re-started PHD a few time and have wased 2 hours on this now, has anyone got any ideas?!! Thanks, John
  3. Up to now I only have experience of dew magnet SCT's, so do I need to get a dew heater tape for my SW ED80 pro? I have not had a problem so far but have I just been lucky or do you get away with it with a refractor? Thanks, John
  4. Loads of tiddlers hiding in the background too!! Fantastic!
  5. My laptop did crash with the camera plugged in so maybe this caused it. I saw the thread on the forum but apparently you need xp to re-flash it and I only have 7 so I popped it in the post to Bernard at Modern Astronomy, hopefuly he an sort it! John
  6. For some reason PHD and QGvideo do not recognise my QHY5 tonight. I have reinstalled the drivers but no difference. In the device manager I can see something is there but the computer does not recognise it and says there is no driver. I've had this running just fine before, what am I missing?!! John
  7. That's amazing! Edge on are my favourite and this is one of the best I've seen! John
  8. More data certainly seems the way, I forgot to mention the moon was at 71% as well so I'm sure that didn't help if a dark sky is required! John
  9. So here is my second "proper" go at a DSO. Details are: SW ED80 DS Pro on EQ6 Guided with PHD/QHY5 0.85 FR - CLS LP Clip filter - 1000D EQMOD/CdC/APT 34 300s lights ISO800 20 darks I stacked this in DSS and then had a hamfisted attempt at it in GIMP! I just used curves and levels, I'm not too sure what I'm doing so I toyed with it for a while and then pronounced it finished. I think I pushed a bit far to pull out detail that's perhaps not there for the amount of data I have? Any tips very welcome! John
  10. Thanks Michael, good to know the difference bumping up to 5 mins. I'll have a play with GIMP, in case anyone knows of a GIMP tutorial please let me know!! Thanks, John
  11. Thanks for the comments! I have pretty bad light pollution so I'm not sure how far I can push the subs but perhaps I'll nudge them up to 5 mins? I have downloaded GIMP but I'm not sure what to do with it! I have had a look at a few processing tutorials but they seem pretty specific to Photoshop and suggest that GIMP only works in 8bit. I'm not sure whether that would make much difference at my standard? Thanks, John
  12. It's taken a long time to get here, and a fair amount of frustration, it feels like quite a milestone! Image details are: SW ED80 DS Pro on EQ6 Guided with PHD/QHY5 0.85 FR - CLS LP Clip filter - 1000D EQMOD/CdC/APT 40 300s lights ISO800 20 darks Stacked in DSS and that's as far as I've got! I don't have Photoshop and wouldn't know what to do with it either! Looking at other images I think I need more time on this. I guess there is more detail to be pulled out so it would be great if anyone with the skills fancies a go...! (I have converted to jpeg to upload) John
  13. Doh, counterweight bar! Just realised I have been using the ED80, much lighter than the 9.25, so I haven't had the bar extended fully to keep the weight near the mount. Feel a bit silly now! Thanks for the replies.
  14. I have a 6 month old EQ6 and recently I have been struggling to see polaris. It seems to be much dimmer than before and can disappear as I adlust the alt/az bolts. I also tried with the mount off but it is almost like the view is patchy. The scope is orientated to clear the view of the polar scope, both caps are always kept on. Has anyone else had he same? Thanks, John
  15. Thanks Kuro, just bought a set!
  16. This is my first night using the above. I am outside now with and have got everything talking. I am polar aligned but when I select a star to slew to and sync to start alignment the scope slews way of and then stops when it hits horizon limit. I must be missing something simple but cannot see it in the Ascom manual. Can anyone help?!!John
  17. I have been using a second hand Samsung Dual core which had handled what I needed it to do but has now died! I'm hoping that I can now buy new at a reasonable price with warrenty. I need to run: Sharpcap Registax APT PHD EQMOD CdC DSS I havn't got there yet but I would ideally like to process on it too. Can anyone advise which budget option I should go for? I seem to remember Acer being mentioned as reasonably fast/inepensive? Thanks, John:)
  18. This is dangerous, I was thinking..... When we see an image, like the Hubble deep field, of galaxies 13bn years ago, are they still there? Do they have a life span? John
  19. In full auto I can see AI Focus "greyed out" on the display. I can't change it to one shot in full auto but can in other modes. If I switch to mf on the lens I can focus and fire the shutter no problem....
  20. Thanks for all your thoughts on this, I appreciate your time! If I manually focus I can fire the shutter no problem, I get the focus confirmed bleep. The lens is a standard 18 - 55mm and focus is set to AF. Should my next step be to change from AI focus to one shot or clear to factory settings?
  21. The focus mode is set to AI focus and I am in fully automatic. I am fiddling with the * button and it fired of a shot once but I can't do it again. I can't seem to get any effect with the * button. I have tried holding the shutter button half down and pressing it, full shutter button and none at all but can't get anything to happen. The lens is set to AF. Apologies for being a numpty!
  22. Thanks but this is in normal mode, not live view?
  23. Thanks John and Bamus. I havn't touched the advanced settings (intentionally!) for months. When the camera stopped working I was using it on the beach with gloves on and noticed I kept knocking the mode adjustment dial which seems coincidental? When I press the * button on the rear back top right I get a message saying "this function is not selectable in the current shooting mode"? Thanks, John
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