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  1. I know this is an old question but wondered what the consensus is for my set up? I am looking to upgrade to CCD from DSLR on my Skywatcher ED80 with FR and have pretty much decided on Atik. I really like the look of the 314L + package that FLO offer as I need filters and wheel too and like the idea of controlling everything with Atik software. My only question is whether I should try and slightly future proof myself and go for a 4 series? My thinking is getting a slightly larger and more sensitive chip and also I get the impression you only get the Dawn software with a 4 series. (I don't have photoshop so I assume I could process with Dawn?) I am lost with the variety of Sony and Kodak chips as there seem to be a number of new ones all claiming excellent sensitivity! Is there a "sweet spot" you think a beginner should head for without blowing the budget? I am thinking it maybe worth spending a little more now to get a reasonable chip size to avoid losing out by changing later. Just to confuse me further and just outside what I was thinking of spending I see Atik have now launched the 490!! I appreciate that my question has been asked before and is a matter of opinion but I do value the experience of the forum. Thanks for your help. John
  2. I've never used Backyard EOS but I found APT very easy to get along with. John
  3. That's an incredible image, detal on the moons?! Am I right in saying the DFK is the colour version? From what I can see many chose the mono but I would love to know why you went this route as colour does eem easier, especially if you can eventually acheive results like this! John
  4. Think I've got it now. Definately having one of those nights, nothing going right tonight! No fun on a school night......!
  5. Hi, I must be doing something daft but can't think what it is! I have Caph centred in live view but when I go to zoom in to focus with the Bahinov it disapears! It must be soemthing very basic as I have never had it before. I did a trial tonight without my clip in LPF and zoomed in and focused fine. Now I have put the filter back in I just can't zoom in on the star. Can you point me in the right direction?! Thanks, John
  6. This was taken last night and is the first time I've had a go at combining lights, darks flats and bias. I stacked in DSS and had a crude stab at processing in GIMP. Taken with the kit in my sig. 48 x 300s lights ISO800 with clip in LPF (I could guide for longer but would burn out the core?) 30 x 300s darks Flats Bias I am very happy that I am moving in the right direction but also feeling the lure of mono CCD when I look at the quality of others on here! I wonder whether I would be better without the LP filter and processing out, I do have bad LP here? Also would getting Photshop Elements be the way forward, I understand it's much cheaper than the full blown version? If anyone has any tips or advice I would welcome being nudged in the right direction! Thanks, John
  7. Hi, I am thinking of getting a POD and would love to see one in the flesh if anyone near by has one? Thanks, John
  8. Signed, come on, how many of us are there?!!!!
  9. Apologies if this has been posted before: BBC News - Audio slideshow: Giant cosmic eyes of the Atacama Desert John
  10. I see the exif temperature displayed in the APT log as the subs/darks are taken, are they also stored somewhere? Also should I match my darks temp to the exif temp I see displayed or should I be using an external temp source? Thanks, John
  11. Thanks for the replies, RAW+L it is then!
  12. Thanks Andy, I have been shooting in RAW only but I do get a preview of each image after the sub has finished...
  13. Should I be shooting RAW or R+L with my 1000D? What is RAW + Large?! Thanks, John:icon_eek:
  14. Thanks Keith, photo attached.... It is one of the older US made models and I don't beleive it is Faststar compatable. Thanks for your help, John
  15. I noticed recently I just couldn't hold collimation and then noticed that the secondary was loose! There was a small amount of movement from side to side and I found that I could rotate it freely. By turning clockwise It seemed to tighten so I did this and crossed my fingers and at first it seemed ok. When using it for visual on Sat it was ok at first and then when I slewed across the sky collimation went way out. Does any one in the know have any ideas, I am out of my depth?! Thanks, John
  16. Ian, Thanks for that, it sounds interesting. I upped my max dec duration and that has stopped it from dropping away but I do have a bit of a saw tooth pattern on the graph so things aren't perfect! If I understand it correctly by upping the max dec this allows it to catch the drift before it runs away so there must still be an underlying problem with either polar alignment or backlash? I have checked centring of my polar reticle and I am happy with balance. When you stop, do you re-loop and move the mount and then start guiding again? Was this to solve the issue with calibration or the dec drifting away? I have noticed that the calibration takes ages but I think this is because I have been testing on M81 and this is close to the pole? John
  17. I have both and was thinking it would be great to use as a grab and go. I guess the Horizon is man enough for visual only but is there a way to connect it to the ED80 vixen? John:icon_scratch:
  18. Thanks Spaced. The last two clear nights I've had have been a total waste. The first night my QHY5 forgot what it was, after 4 hours I gave up and re-flashed it. The second time this happens and I wasted the first totally clear night with no moon I've had in nearly a year! This hobby takes you to the brink sometimes! It's great to know you found a workaround though. I did power down the mount and actually move it to re-do my polar alignment. I didn't power down the laptop though. How do you save your alignment data in EQMOD? Thanks, John
  19. Thanks, Luke. I've just checked and it's set to Auto now while not running but I will check when I'm trying to guide next time. Redfox, I was trying to guide whilst imaging M81 so I was in that direction. Thanks for the ideas, I'll give that a try! (I aqssume you mean upping the Max Dec duration (ms), mine is currently at 150?) Thanks, John
  20. Just in case anyoune reading this needs to know, the re-flash worked!
  21. Thanks Komet, I've used PHD a few times without this trouble but last night it cost 6 hours! I'll download Astroart now and try it, hopefully it's easy to use?!
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