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  1. Some of you might remember I joined the forum back in Jan/Feb this year, having broken my arm and having time to spend thinking what to do. Well I ended up with a GSO 8" reflector on a Celestron EQ-5 mount and tripod but because of the arm have been unable to put the kit together to try. Been consoling myself by buying kit (of which I reckon two bits are must haves!) The clear nights we've been having have been too tempting and last night, with absolute clear skies, I couldn't resist any longer so, with great care (not to say a little struggle) put the bits together and waited patiently. As the stars started popping out, gadget number one came in to use, the red-dot finder. if you haven't got one, raid the piggy-bank. This was fantastic for ranging round the sky. So easy to pick out stars and the scope wuld be spot on. But he main target was obvious. Once Saturn was identified and had reached a position the scope could access I started with a 26mm, good, went to a 15mm, interesting, a 6mm, WOW, 6mm plus barlow too fuzzy so back to 6 and WOW WOW WOW. Now many of you old hands would see this as very ordinary, but to actually see Saturn with its rings quite distinct from the surface was just indescribable. Nowhere near as good as the photos but it was real and live. My only regret is leaving it too late this year for the Orion Nebula, but it'll come back. Oh, second essential bit of kit, a small step-ladder of course:hello2:
  2. Thanks for the help, guys. I suspect the regulated plug-in power supply I've bought should work fine. I'll let you know.
  3. Certainly looking forward to getting this set up. Unfortunately my broken arm stops me putting the kit together (jeez this stuff is heavy!) so no photos yet. All I can do is gaze at it in it's boxes, though it does look good. Tube is white with a black Guang Sheng logo and that Crayford certainly looks the biz
  4. I 've purchased a set of Skywatcher dual-axis motors for my CG-5 mount and want a more reliable power supply than the little 4 x D-cell pack that comes with it. Obviously the system is six volt rather than the twelve of a goto system. My question is, has anyone succesfully used a twelve-volt supply (e.g.a car boost starter system) with a plug-in 12 - 6 volt converter. On paper it looks ok but is there any particular risk to the hand-set? Thanks
  5. As my first posting said, I'd decided on a Skywatcher 200PDS but as I found out, there were non in the country (or Europe!). Unfortunately being impatient, time on my hand(s) and tending to off-the-wall sort of thinking I started doing some equipment trawling. I found the site (via e-bay) for Teleskop Services and found they stocked more than e-bay specials. Looking through their stock I found the GSO range of reflectors. Having akready aqquired a set of GSO Super Ploslls and being mighty impressed by their build quality I looked at the specs very closely. Cutting a long story short I ended up ordering a GSO 200/1000 reflector (same size as the 200 PDS) and matched it for a very good price with a Celestion CG-5 mount from the same source. Ordeered Tuesday it all arrived Friday for a delivery charrge of E21, excellent I thought. Scope looks very presentable wth a two-speed Crayford style focusser, mirror cooling fan, 8x50 spotter scope, 25mm Super Plosll eyepiece and a 2inch 35mm extension tube. First quick glance suggests collimation is pretty well on. Mount looks very solid with 2inch legs though needs some 'tuning' which will come. Al I need now is some time and clear skies. Kit so far to go with above: GSO Superplosll eyepieces, 9mm 15mm 20mm 25mm and 32mm, x2 Barlow, Red Dot Finder, dual-axis motor set and A SP880 CAMERA. Here's to my First Light
  6. Overenthusiastic beginner + cloudy = endless fiddling x 2:D I'm a newbie to all this and hadn't seen this discussed here before, just thought it a really neat extra
  7. If you've got a GSO 1.25" x2 Barlow you can unscrew the lens cell and screw it directly onto an eyepiece giving you another mag option (1.6 to 1.8) plus you can use the tube without lens as an extender
  8. Good point:icon_confused: 8 inch reflector
  9. You've bought your shiny new reflector and you've a box full of goodies to fit including your red dot finder. So what's the best way to attach it to your new tube? Do you use a self-tapper, a nice nut and bolt, double-sided tape or self-stick velcro. Suggestions very welcome.
  10. A little while now since I joined this site and last posted but I've been spending the time reading through loads of interesting posts on here plus various books and magazines. So after a miserably cloudy and wet Monday I popped my head out the door at 10.00 pm to be met with a gloriously clear sky and Orion displaying brilliantly albeit under a 3/4 moon. I rushed inside, grabbed my 10x50s then with one hand (see my 'hello' post!) and my new-found knowledge lined up with the Orion Nebula. WOW, to think that's been there all this time and I've not looked at it before, who said ignorance is bliss:) So that's a good start as far as I'm concerned and it's certainly wetted my appetite for more. I also know a lot more of the common stars and am finding my way round some of the 'signposts'. Equipment-wise I've made a decision and pulled the trigger....will post more details when the kit arrives and wait for comments
  11. I've got my eyes on a Skywatcher 200 as well, the PDS model with EQ5 but my understanding is there are non currently in the country. I've rung round virtually every supplier and the answer is the same, non due in until March. BC and BBC did a great job apparently:( Never mind, gives me time to do some reading and research, and anyway we haven't had anything like a clear sky for some weeks now so my only 'stargazing' so far is via Stellarium.
  12. Good call on Stellarium. Just downloaded and VERY impressed, particularly as it's a freeby. One big difference over real life is the total absence of clouds (unlike outside currently) The collimator I've seen mentioned a lot but there seems to be a confusion of types and complexity. I guess collimation is pretty vital to get the best out of a scope.
  13. OK, so as I've posted in the newcomers sectino, I've made a decision on my first 'real' scope (Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS/EQ5) and now have to keep the faith until they're available again. I understand the limitations of the EQ5 but made a concious decision not to go for a 'GOTO' as I'm certain half the fun is learning the skies. So far I've purchased two books, Nightwatch and a DK book 'Starfinder' I've also purchased a set of (hopefully) sensible eyepieces.Given my dislike of the finder scope on my current budget refractor I've also just ordered a red-dot finder which by all accounts should be great for initial lining ups. Now, question is, are there any other 'must-have' reasonably priced bits (books, software, extras) that will improve the whole experience without needing an additional mortgage.
  14. I'd hoped I'd made a wise choice. I think I've tried virtually every supplier I could Goggle, though one site said it had stock but won't reply to enquiries. I contacted the company who supplied the EPs and they'll contact me when stock comes in - fingers crossed:cool:
  15. Thanks for the welcome. You're right about the arm, I gather it's a bit of a beast of a scope so no bad thing I'm having to wait. The missus is already having to do a lot of things she didn't bargain for;)
  16. Hi everyone, time to say hello. Please excuse typing as I'm currently sat at home with a broken arm, but at least it's given me time to browse here and finally join in. I've had a basic interest in the skies for years and about 2 years ago bought a 'LIDL special 700/70 refractor. Came with a half-decent EQ mount and three EPs but for a long time I just played with it and thought a good view of the moon was enough, then one evening I happened to turn it onto Jupiter (finally identified it!) and was completely blown away by the view of Jupiter and FOUR MOONS, what a sight. Anyway, with retirement looming I began to research scopes (I'm a scientist by training so the research side is as much fun as the practical)/ After looking on good old e-bay I was ready to go for one of the ubiquitous China specials but reading here I began to realise it would be wise to raise my sights a bit and avoid disappointment. Now that's the ecstacy, along with buying a copy of Nightwatch and the DK Starfinder, great reads. Now for the agony. After a lot of research I'd decided to go for a Skywatcher 200PDS with EQ5. Looked like a scope that would see me through a few years and additions but......when I went to pull the plug and buy one - none in the country!!! Everyone sold out until MARCH. Imagine the disappointment (all blamed on Skywatch Live apparently). However, whats another month or two, I'm hoping you'll confirm it'll be worth waiting for. As an aside, I'd already purchased some GSO plossl EPs I'd seen advertised at a good price and right f/l range (I think). I've just tried them on the old Lidl scope and even on that the difference is vast over the originals. Thanks for staying with me on this ramble and I look forward to reading loads of good advice on here ready for when I get my 'Dream Scope':hello:
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