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  1. Cloudy tonight on Beds/Bucks border. However I saw some early ones last night about 09.30ish. They all passed through Orion.
  2. I thought last night was the peak of the Orionids - I was up at 3.45am today, extremely clear sky - saw 2 Orionids - 1 radiating between Bellatrix and Mintaka and the other just above Betelgeuse However 2 an hour not enough for me so went back to bed - with a crick in my neck!
  3. Hi all, About 11.15 Friday night I saw two really bright white, quite slow-moving horizontal meteors just under Cassiopeia (at that time of night I can't actually see Perseus due to a big birch tree). I think the first of them was the best I've ever seen. Last night just after Jupiter appeared I saw 5 small quick ones. I think I was lucky as far as the moon went as it was covered by cloud at the time. I had intended to sleep for an hour or so then get up again...... but that plan didn't quite work ......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........
  4. Hi All, I bought a telescope last Monday - which is obviously the reason we've had high winds and cloud in this part of the country (Bedfordshire) ever since I'm extremely new to astronomy until now only recognising Orion's belt - I've never even looked through an astronomical telescope so I hope I've made the right decision purchasing a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT. I was fortunate enough to see the reported meteor last December 8 at about 5.50pm on my way home from work - I was aware of a fast moving green streak whizzing past my car at an odd angle but thought it was a reflection of my d
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