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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the halos you have are a bad thing. the last time i saw blue halo's like that i had a faulty reducer., which was a WO. i would suggest you try without it in the imaging train first and see if the halos are still there if they are not then it must be the reducer. good luck and all the best Stu.
  2. I hope that you don't have the same problem, good luck and hope those clear skies turn up soon for you. May i ask which motor focuser you have fitted ? Stu
  3. Good morning, this issue with the WO 6 flattener reducer is it can cause blue circles and or blue mushroom shapes. I have attached cropped image so you can see the problem.
  4. A very nice set up, i have the same and am more than happy with the build quality and finish. I have had a problem with 2 of the WO 6 flatener reducer which i have had to send back to FLO, just thought you should know.
  5. Good morning here is a link hope this helps http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/232111-anybody-visited-here/. I have just tried to contact them but no answer. good luck Stu
  6. Thank you Lensman57 and Carina Lass for your helpful comments, it looks like i will go ahead with the mod as there obviously some benefits. Mattjenko i can only agree with Carina Lass if your peaks are that bad its too well balanced i had the same problem when i first started. Thanks to all that have helped.
  7. Thanks Grant will have to sort out a tent and camping stuff.
  8. I was wondering if there are any spaces left? it would be my first ever star party and would like to come along.
  9. Hi Nathan Pembs the reason for considering the mod is because the mount is 5+ yrs old, i have only had it for 2yrs it does have a blip every now and then, the phd graph is good most of the time but if i am going to have it serviced i might as well go the whole hog and get the belt mod done and there is no way i can afford a new one .
  10. Thank you for your opinions Billy,Mike and Jake, it looks like the mod has made a difference. I won't be doing the mod myself ( heavy handed ) i will send it off to Graham @ Astrotec. cheers Stuart
  11. good evening, i am contemplating having the belt mod done to my heq5, but i would like to know if the benefits out way the cost. i would like to know how much of an improvement it has made to your guiding, i have seen that quite a few have had the eq6s done but not many heq5's any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks.
  12. Hi Emad, i live in Farnborough,and i have been down the same road with my local MP Mrs. B. Hurst and got know where at all oh yes i did get told to buy some blackout blinds. I wish you good luck with your quest you are going to need it.
  13. Hi Chris glad to see you have managed to get it sorted., it looks right at home on top of your 10"sct. Hope to see more of your deep sky images. thanks for posting this piccy. Stuart
  14. I like your image there Chris, really sharp and clear detail well done. Can i ask have you managed to fit my Equinox to your sct yet
  15. Hi snakeyj, i personally have the adapter from astronomiser which i use with a leisure battery in the field, it has never let me down.
  16. it is indeed a superb upgrade, i put one on my 300 flextube and never looked back.
  17. I do my dark's in the fridge, i leave my 1100d in there for a few hours then start a plan in apt and then let it run. I have made up a large library doing it this way and use the dark's that are +/- 3 degrees either side of my image temp, and it gives me more time to capture more data in the field which is always a good thing.
  18. Hello Pete welcome to sgl, yet another one from hampshire ( farnborough)
  19. M37 if it is any help i have an Equinox 80 and i use an ST80 as a guide scope and a canon 1100d and i have had no issue at all with the weight on my HEQ5. The only thing i did find is that the only FF/FR that actually works is the televue TRF 2008 and thats what really hurts the pocket,but that aside i would not change my setup, it is a well balanced rig and you would not regret it.
  20. good evening all, may i ask is any of you using windows 8 with PI and if so have there been any issues.
  21. yep merlin66 same camera same settings everything is the same this is what i can not understand,it has only been in the last couple of images. today i stacked the flats and they are also looking like a mottled picture of hot pixels. my mate stacked lights+ darks =ok lights + flats = ok lights + bias = ok but when they are all combined lights+flats+bias+darks = hot pixels everywhere. we are both really stumped.
  22. My mate has emailed him and we have had no reply from them, i will dump AA5 and get something that will do the job properly.
  23. good morning, I have been using AA5 for a year now and have not had any trouble at all, but in the last couple of images i have taken and stacked it looks as if it has been introducing noise and leaving hot pixels in the end image. the image background is mottled with green,reds,blues it looks like defused hot pixels. i am using a cannon 1100d modified and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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