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  1. Hi guys I thought I'd share some images I took of Jupiter using a Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 attached to my 150p Dob. I took these for my own personal enjoyment really and to see what results I could achieve. Overall and considering my setup, I'm fairly pleased with the resuls. Scott
  2. Hi Phillc sorry for the late reply, it is a lonely hobby and none of my mates are interested in it, however I do know of two people who are into astronomy and they live very close to me, but we haven't been able to find time to get together, I'm sure it will happen one day!
  3. Thank you guys! Hi Patbloke I'm using a Panasonic Lumix 10Mp Camera, I set the the film speed (ISO) at 1600, then I underexposed the shot as i was getting whited out on the gbbous moon, I took loads of shots and it really is hit and miss (well for me it was lol). I pretty sure I had left the camera on normal exposure (0) for the crescent moon, and then I did a little processing using Windows Live on both images! Hope that helps (Sorry for the late reply) Good luck and clear skies Scott
  4. Hi all thank you for the warm welcome back messages, I really appreciate it . @Philc I actually left when the steel works closed too, but came back here (for my sins) in 2008. Don't know If you've seen the recent developments on the site, hopefully it should (when it's finished) generate some income into the town. Clear Skies everyone Scott
  5. Thank you guys I've tried Jupiter too, but have failed . I've got a 2x barlow now so I'll have another go using that, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Hi all I know I shouldn't have with equipment I got, but I couldn't resist having a go at imaging the moon (Afocal) I have a Skywatcher 150p Dob and a normal 10mp digi camera.
  7. Hi all I havent posted here for a while, I can't believe its nearly been a year since I bought my first scope. Despite the weather being asa it is here in the UK I've seen some wonderful sights. Jupiter, Saturn I managed to look at Venus the other evening, the Andromeda galaxy and other messier objects and last but definitley not the least our Luna. Ive even got my parents looking up I've been into the moon the last couple of sessions and I've managed to get some nice photos and vids (Afocal) through my digicam and my 6" Dob. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who gave me advice, and I'll try my hardest to come here on a regular basis. Happy New Year and clear skies everywhere. Scott
  8. Hi Guys, I was just playing about with my Scope and Camera and decided to have another crack at the moon So here is my Moon
  9. I remember being taught all about "space" and the planets in School, and my mother would always pick out the "the plough" constellation for me when I was young, then when I was 16 Hale-bopp turned up WOW. I've always been interested in the stars, and i've always looked upwards on a clear night, but it is only this month that I purchased my first telescope, and now the journey and wonders of the night sky are even closer and more wonderous than I could have ever imagined when sitting in that classroom.
  10. Absolutely beautiful isn't it? Wait until you see it through a scope, I saw it briefly last night through my new scope for the first time, its gorgeous
  11. Hi guys thank you for your replies, had another run with the scope tonight and I saw Saturn WOW!!!!! Dreams rarely come true but this morning they did what a gorgeous sight, I could've stayed there for hours, but the clouds made sure I didn't . Clear skies
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