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  1. M44 was very clear again last night in the North East of England. Really love these 15x70's.
  2. Yeah, I am booked up for the Thursday (Public session) and Friday (Saturn) sessions.
  3. I found it last night for the first time with my 15x70's. Even with bad LP I could still make it out. I could see a star called Hya (insde Hydra) with the naked eye. Then I searched around that point and it appeared! I think Pollux is also a good reference point. Can't wait for Keilder on Thursday and Friday night. I just hope for clear sky's.
  4. Hi Rich I am booked for the Thursday and Friday. Come over and say hi. I will be the one carrying the rather large set of bins.
  5. You mean wait for a cloudless and moonless night. That's the challenge!
  6. Hi Nice report. I was out last night with my 15x70 looking at Saturn too. Despite the LP, I had a clear view of the rings. I recon I had up to mag 5.0 around the southern halve of the sky with the LP. I could make out HR4837 and 38 Vir but that was about it. Preying for another clear night tonight. Going to try M44 this evening.
  7. Hi Any chance of sharing your Astro Trac images with me? Saves me spendings hours (okay minutes) searching for them. I am thinking of taking the plunge.
  8. My first night back after many years off was at Keilder on cloudless/moonless night. OMG, it was amazing. Sadly I haven't seen a sky like it over the last couple of months.
  9. Has anyone compared the Revelation with the Celestron 15x70? FLO have offered the Revelation as the Celestron is out of stock. I am thinking of holding off until the Celestron become available again.
  10. Steve No one had contacted me. Anyway, moving forward, please check your email.
  11. My experience has been a disaster. I ordered a pair of Celestron 15x70 bins on the 5th February. Nothing arrived last week. Gave them the benefit of the doubt. Thought they might be checking the setup for me. I called at the weekend and left a voice mail. I called Monday afternoon and left a voice mail. No reply. Sent them an email yesterday demanding to know what they are doing with my order as Paypal shows that they have my £69. This is the worst online shopping experience ever. I can understand items being out of stock, but I shouldn't have been allowed to order on the 5th. Worst of all, not a single atom of correspondence from them. Now I am really annoyed. If I treated my customers like this I would be out of work right now.
  12. Hello Any users using Slooh? I have tried to use it the last few weeks and everytime I log in it's offline. Is it worth the monthly fee or is there another suggestion for online telescopes?
  13. Just ordered a set of Skymaster 15x70 from FLO. Hope they arrive for the weekend. Heading to Kielder on Saturday. Praying for clear sky's.
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