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  1. Cheers guys, I think its going to be the cheshire collimator and those celestron omni plossls How easy is it to collimate the secondary mirror with a cheshire? Hoping I dont have to, because I've heard it can be a nightmare (tilt/rotation etc ) but I'd like it to be as straightforward as it looks with a laser (been watching some youtube vids!)
  2. I doubt they'd con you as they seem a pretty reputable company. I got mine from FLO too. It might just be that it's not in stock yet. A lot of items on their list say "call for availability", stuff like that. I've never been able to get through on the phone either, and its horrible having to wait for things in the post, especially when you're so excited! Have you left an answerphone message asking them to call you back? Do you have any proof of payment, order number etc?
  3. Cheers for the replies, A collimator is top of my list at the moment, and I think it does need collimating. The last few scarce clear nights I've gone back inside cold and dissappointed - Orion nebula looked weak, could hardly see Andromeda and stars had that similar glare they have with the naked eye. However - which collimator is best for the SW 130p? I was thinking Cheshire, but can you tweak both the secondary and primary with that as accurately as a laser? My budget is anywhere under £100 for an eyepiece (not ideal, I know). I've only got the Eps that came with it at the moment- 25x, 10x and the 2x barlow. I'm guessing the barlow is rubbish, because it loses a LOT of light, although I'm aware some light would be lost because of the extra glass etc. Filters puzzle me a bit - do they add colour as well as contrast etc to the image or just sharpen it? I'd love to see coloured nebula/planets!!
  4. Hi all, I have the Skywatcher Explorer 130p GOTO and I'm thinking about buying some new equipment to compliment it. With all the different -and expensive- things to buy (ep's, collimators, filters etc), I was wondering if people who had already taken the plunge on this stuff could make any recommendations on mid-priced kit, and what stuf to prioritise? For example "buy (x) filters and use with (y) eyepieces on (z) magnification" or something. I can't afford to spend megabucks but feel like treating myself this month I'm looking at pretty much anything in the sky that I can, from planets to DSOs. So please feel free to list anything you think was worth your cash and improved your viewing experience! (Things/brands not to bother with would be useful too!) Maybe even list your set-up if you have a similar scope, would be interesting to see what people are using and hearing about what they can see! Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the replies, I'll definitely try that thing with the weights. The main wobbliness, upon further inspection, seems to be related to the OTA and dovetail mainly. Even just gently touching the focus knobs causes the OTA to wobble. Is this just a flaw with dovetails or is there a way to further secure it? Any further help would be much appreciated! At least, it will when this morbid weather finally goes! :
  6. Hi all, Does anyone have any tips on keeping the Skywatcher explorer 130p az goto steady while focussing? It wobbles so much, its causing a lot of wasted time just spent waiting for the image to stabilise before knowing whether the object is in focus or not. Ive seen a few things posted that recommend tightening nuts etc but im a complete beginner, and im not too sure exactly which nuts to tighten or if im missing any. Could anyone help? Anyone have any other tips they could share?
  7. Hi everyone, Recently bought the Skywatcher Explorer 130p GOTO and I'm really enjoying some of the views it can give. However, the North West seems to be terrible for light pollution. You never seem to be any real distance from streetlights without trespassing! I was wondering if there is anyone here from Lancs/Merseyside who could recommend any local areas that offer good views. I'm not talking 'Chilean mountain-top' quality but just somewhere better than the average, brownish-orange skies we get round here I've heard Burscough is good but don't want to spend all night driving around looking for a dark-yet-safe, public-access spot... Also as a side issue, I find the GOTO to be always just slightly out when slewing. I only need to tweak it a bit to find bright objects but for deeper sky stuff this is giving me problems. I know its an over-asked question but I can't seem to find the right answer!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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