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  1. I know this is a bit of a stupid question, but to those living local to the event, whats the likelihood of clear skies there in March? Is the weather there fairly reliable? A stab in the dark, I know. Just thought I'd ask! Also, whats the light pollution like in the area? Is it considered a "dark site"?
  2. Thanks mate, I'll definitely get one. Sorry if this sounds daft but it wont suffer from the sw130p focussing problem will it? How does the webcam actually fit to the scope?
  3. Thanks guys, I'll definitely look into that webcam. The camera I'd be using is a compact, weighs very little. Would that work ok? Its got a hd video recording mode which is what made me think of using it. My mount is the az goto synscan
  4. Hi everyone, I know of the problems the SW 130p has with attaching DSLRs, that it cannot focus correctly etc, but would it help at all if I piggybacked it with one of these or similar? Baader Planetarium Microstage II Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter I'd love to be able to get some astrophotography done, even mediocre by standards would suffice, and I refuse to be beaten by a single piece of glass!!!
  5. Its been woefully cloudy/rainy/windy for as long as I can remember in the Northwest. Its soul-destroying to think I might never see the SN based on current forecasts, and even thats in an area of bad light pollution :-( I cannot believe my bad luck sometimes!
  6. Heres a shout for the smartphone apps. I'd be lost without mine
  7. Do filters have much effect for general optical viewing or is it mostly just for astrophotography? I really struggle to see most DSOs in my area and would certainly fork out for one of these if it amplified the fainter stuff not visible with the standard eyepiece
  8. Wow, is that colour real or photoshopped?? I thought all colour had to be added later but if I can get that from my scope I'm splashing out asap on some AP kit! Regarding your tracking - I also have a Synscan, and also find it really temperemental. Sometimes it will track for a short while then stop for no reason. I think your problem will probably be the weight of the camera fighting against the motor, causing it to lag. Sounds daft but was there any wind? I find even the slightest breeze can cause the OTA to wobble, and thats without the added weight of a DSLR. Well done on those pics though, aside from the light pollution and slight blur they're great!
  9. Right, I think I'm there (maybe)! I still don't have a collicap, but this is my collimation without the use of one. Since I dont have a cap, I tried just using my naked eye. the centre dot was directly over my pupil and (what looked like) an equal distance from the clips. I suppose the only surefire is a startest tonight, but from these images, am I far off?
  10. Hi Astrobaby! Yes you're guide was my step-by-step, a very good one too! I've got the Skywatcher 130p. Ah, so a collicap is actually something completely different from a collimation tool? This could be where I'm going wrong. Basically I think everything looks right now apart from the clips issue. The crosshair and its reflection pretty much line up and the primarys centre spot sits in the centre. Am I far off from sucess? This is one of the hardest things I've had to do, all the help from you guys is really really appreciated. Can't imagine what this must be like on a massive scope!!!
  11. I have owned the Skywatcher 130p on a GOTO mount for about 3 months now as my second scope up from a cheapo refractor, and I'm beyond impressed with it. Its a few sreps down from the 200 you're looking at but will be half the price which might suit you better if you're just starting off. I've seen amazing views of Jupiter and its largest moons, Saturn and its rings, even deep space awesomeness like galaxies, star clusters and nebula, The 200 will offer even better views but for 250 quid, I'd recommend the 130p GOTO to anyone. The GOTO mount is handy at helping find the trickier objects too.
  12. OK. So I 've lined up the primarys centre spot in the crosshair, which has fixed the crescent shape issue, but no matter what I try, I cannot get all 3 clips in view. Am I still doing this wrong? At one point I could even see the edge of the secondary through the cheshire. Shall I post another pic?
  13. Thanks, but for which problem with the collimation? I think theres a few things wrong with the secondary but whatever I try, I cant seem to rectify it. Any chance someone could list everything wrong on the picture with a brief method of how to fix it? Cheers!
  14. Hi all, could someone please tell me if my scope is collimated? In the picture, the cheshires crosshair is slightly higher than the reflection of the spidervane. Is this normal? Do I need to adjust the vanes? There is also a very slight crescent shaped reflection of the tube in the primary mirror reflection (look just above the primary mirror reflection). How do I straighten this out? The secondary mirror, although it looks circular, has a flat edge at the top. Is this normal? Had a nightmare collimating this for the first time even with AstroBaby's guide. I think I moved the secondary when I shouldn't have....
  15. Ah thanks guys, really appreciating all the helpful replies. So if I buy the webcam Scarlet mentioned, will I still have the in-focus problems dslrs have? How would I rectify that to get clear images?
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