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  1. Test version (1.3) attached... EP_Calc_v1.3.xls
  2. Taking on board everyone's comments the "Results" have now been renamed "Guidelines". Also, instead of "ERROR" you now get "WARNING" and a toned down message. Andrew, if you are asking me I have no objections in making this a sticky but suggest we use this latest version. Can someone delete the earlier versions please? Regards Mark EP_Calc_v1.2.xls
  3. AstroPhethean, You should be seeing decimal points, can you check your settings: Control Panel > Regional & Language Options > Customize (Decimal Symbols). Anyone else have this problem? I wasn't sure everyone would agree with the comments but these where for me! Anyway I messed up with the TFOV results comment so have corrected and attached version 1.1 - already :oops: Regards Mark EP_Calc_v1.1.xls
  4. I couldn't find a simple eyepiece calculator on here so I knocked up one in Excel for my own use and have attached it to save anyone else the bother. I'm sure there are "better" calculators available and not everyone will agree with the output but maybe someone will find it useful. All you have to do is input the data into the clear cells. The file is tiny, does not contain any macro's and is protected without a password so feel free to change it. Criticism (constructive) welcome as always EP_Calc.xls
  5. I normally sell my unwanted stuff on eBay or here if it is relative and was going to list a pair of Celestron Skymaster 15x70's that I bought from MC2 in March. As they advertise part exchange and sell the binoculars I wanted (Opticron Vega II 8x56) I thought I would give them a call. Now admittedly at £109 I could have got the Opticrons cheaper elsewhere but they had them in stock and offered me £60 for the Skymasters. Excellent
  6. I edit them in Adobe Premiere elements to keep the good bits and cut out the bad or repetitive bits. Then I store them on a 500Gb drive which is backed up using Acronis True Image. If you want to keep the AVI's in their original quality I would suggest adding an external USB drive or upgrading your desktop drive. Hard drives are relatively cheap nowadays so you could do this for around £50. Much easier and faster than burning and storing DVDs although this is an option for you.
  7. Can't argue with the maths but I'm 48 and my Dad's 72
  8. Thank you all for your replies. I take on board everyone’s comments and cannot argue with the logic. I recently sold a Skywatcher 250px, not because I was disappointed with the optical quality in fact I thought it was very good for the money (apart from the focuser!). My son (David) and I seem to have so little time for astronomy these days and with the weather we have had this year we decided to concentrate on grab and go set up’s. David has a Skywatcher 130 OTA and a WO Z66, which he can alternatively use with a Vixen Porta Mount. We really like the ease of use and the ability to dodge in and out of the rain! Applying this on a slightly larger scale I bought an AYO mount and hardwood tripod for my WO Zenithstar 110 triplet. We have been thinking about mounting a short-ish tube Newtonian for deep sky use next to the WO and came across the Orion Optics range. The Europa/SPX 8” f4.5 appears to fit our requirements on all counts (size, weight, quality) – apart from the cost. If we went down the Skywatcher route and added a Moonlite we would be at a similar price to the Europa deluxe. Then again if we add all the optional extras to the Europa we just as well buy the SPX, which is at the top of our budget. I was hoping that someone in the know would come up with some specifications for comparison even if it were just to help justify the expenditure. Everyone has his or her own criteria and quality is very subjective. For instance we have always been happy with WO products yet one of the vendors at the recent NLO fair didn’t have a good word to say about them. Personally I just wish they made reflectors! Our first telescope was a second hand 81/2” Dobsonian that looked a bit agricultural but was fitted with Beacon Hill mirrors providing superb views of the night sky – we really regret selling that one. On that basis we have made the decision and look forward to receiving an SPX in due course. MartinB’s comments said it all really and I guess the only way I’m gonna know is if I try it for myself – and I gots to know! It will be very interesting to discover whether the optical quality matches the premium price
  9. Hi Geoff, I have a Meade wide angle 26mm and an SWA 38mm 70 degree 2" if this will help. I'm in Yeovil so just let me know if you want to give either a try Regards Mark
  10. I have a pair of Celestron 15x70s which are very good for their price - but - I really regret letting my Dad pinch my Opticron Vega II 8x56's. These really are something special and (IMHO) would suit you down to the ground. In fact thinking about it I am going to order another pair! Anyone want a pair of lightly used Celestron 15x70's
  11. I notice that Orion Optics UK state the quality of mirrors fitted to their Newtonians and are currently offering an upgrade as part of a summer promotion. My question is how do I compare their products with say Meade/Skywatcher who do not supply this information?
  12. Richie, Did I forget to show you the "Clear Sky" option on the Synscan menu All the best Mark
  13. Not both parts, just one part (self adhesive) to improve the interference fit. Maybe yours is a tighter fit than mine with the extra paint on the inside? I certainly wouldn't want to take a hacksaw to the lens cap ...just sand the inside rim with some emery tape and finish with scothbrite.
  14. ...they're all like that Sir Funny reading this review as I've only just received my ST80/QHYCCD5/Tube Rings and extender from Bernard at Modern Astronomy...all delivered free of charge, on the specified day exactly as promised. I new it would have to be disassembled to remove the "earwax" from the focuser as I had to do this with my 250px also! The dew shield is supposed to be removable for lens cleaning but an extra piece of Velcro opposite the bit they supply takes care of things. I will say the finish inside your dew shield looks a bit rough compared to mine ...forgot to add, it's all still teriffic value for money...except the EQ1, you'd be much better off with the alt/az tripod or paying the extra (IMHO) for the STARTRAVEL 80-AUTO shown here: http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_telescopes/sky-watcher/short_tube_refractors
  15. That's funny, I just had the same problem (last week). Mine was most definitely 1/4" Whitworth a very difficult bolt to find at the right length and in stainless steel. I settled for 3/4" long 1/4" UNC Stainless Socket Screws from here: http://ccsfasteners.co.uk/unc-14x34-socket-cap-screw-pack-of-4-p-1130.html These have the same number of teeth per inch (20) but the pitch is about 5 degrees less. Close enough IMHO to not make any difference, long enough to securely bolt down the tube rings and short enough not to go through them (and damage the scope). Hope this helps Mark
  16. Jeeees yes of course...you did say 6A continuous...I need to go away and think about this some more before I post any more daft questiions
  17. Thanks SteveL, Ok so that answers the QHY8 requirements...sort of...Ideally I will be close enough to a mains power socket to use a transformer. If not do you think my Celestron Powertank 17ah could supply this and the EQ6 albeit for a shorter amount of time?
  18. I am slowly piecing together all the bits required for imaging and could do with some connectivity advice. Firstly, just how many connections are linvolved. The cameras I have shortlisted are an QHY5 guider (which has USB and ST4 outputs) and a QHY8. I am assuming that the QHY5 will provide the guide image and control the EQ6 (via ST4). If this is the case then two USB cables should be all I need e.g. one from each camera to the laptop? As the laptop does not have USB 2 ports (only USB 1.1) I intend to add a PCMCIA card with USB 2 ports. I do not know the power requirements of the USB cameras If they are low voltage then a powered PCMCIA adaptor card should be fine, alternatively, if they require more power I can add a lead from one of the USB 1.1 ports to the PCMCIA card to give 5v, If that is still is not enough then an exteral power supply could be added to the card instead of using the 1.1 socket. Jeeees this is geting confusing
  19. If you are talking about the single thumb screw that attaches the finder scope mount to the base I have a spare, not original but it will do the job. Let me know if you want it and I will post it to you. Mark
  20. Well done sir, I'm sure you will be pleased with it. I don't know who you intend to buy this from but I hope you get the additional mounting bar thrown in especially if buying a collimator at the same time! As for advice on which collimator if I didn't already own two (laser & cheshire) I would bow down to Steve at FLO's advice. There cannot be many other retailers out there who would turn down a sale rather than sell you the wrong thing As for the previous post, yes it made sense to me and is something I had not thought or trying - so thanks! Mark
  21. No reason at all! Could be a different story if Gordon decides to apply VAT to books in the future and the courier applies an "import processing fee" Mark
  22. I didn't have a problem with the upgrade it all went smoothly, perhaps I've got a "junk" PC
  23. I did the same (dovetail on the top) but still wasn't entirley happy so now have an m3 mounting plate from astrodevelopments. I have, so if you are over my way (Yeovil) we could take care of this. Not sure if the hour angle upgrade came in at 3.11 or 3.12 but it certainly speeds up polar alignment! Mark
  24. You got that fine image with a Skywatcher 250px? very impressive AWESOME
  25. Thanks for the reply, it wasn't meant to be a loaded question but I was aware after I posted it that it may seem that way. The truth is that I don't know if I do prefer my set up (as good as it may be) mainly due to the reasons you have stated in your reply. I am concerned about portability and set up times although I am getting better at it. At the moment it is not too much of a problem as I am assisted by my son but when he goes off to University I wonder if I will be as enthusiastic! I specifically targeted my post at the CPC 925 as I am aware of its favourable reviews and this would be the one I would consider, but would like to here from users who have gone down this route e.g. are they happy now, do they miss what they had etc. Mark
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