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    How very true Dave
  2. This is the Maplins case with the precut square foam. As has already beed said just depress the foam rather than cut it out. Dave
  3. It's a TeleVue driven promotion, 1st October to 28th December. Dave
  4. Don't mess about with weedy power packs get yourself a proper battery - 88ah £56 a leisure battery is the way to go Dave
  5. A dob or any other sort of altazimuth mount will track but the field of view will rotate thus each image taken will be slightly different so stacking is not really practical, with an equatorial mount mount the fov does not rotate thus each image covers the same area of sky and the whole image can be stacked. Dave
  6. Not packed, not even at my house but have been to the pub so all is well, packing in the morning and plan on being at Buxton by midday or 1 pm latest ready for action Dave
  7. I fancy this, I've been meaning to head to Galloway for a while but have used up all my holiday so if I do make it it will be saturday night only. Dave
  8. I'm off friday and monday so will be packing on friday especially as Buxton is less than an hour from me. We were away in the tent last weekend and it's been hanging in the workshop to dry out so I've packed that this evening. Will get beer en route and haven't yet decided whether to cook or not but will have my stove from brewing up either way. I've had a couple of practice runs with the bottle rocket and have to say I'm impressed with what they're capable of so that should be fun. Looking forward to meeting some new folks over the weekend. Dave
  9. I wouldn't be without my Telrad worth every penny. Dave
  10. That's a very nice image, very nice indeed. Dave
  11. I've only been to one before and I went on my motorcycle to that one so this will be my first with any equipment. Come and say "hello" Rally field pitch 8. Dave
  12. I'll be there, pitch 8 on the rally field. Dave
  13. I thought I had something; I have a spreadsheet containing the NGC catalogue, PM me with your email address and I'll email it to you. Dave
  14. You could do a Google search for an Excel version of the NGC catalogue, download it and sort by magnitude, job done. Dave
  15. How was it then? I was in Kington, Herefordshire on Saturday motorcycle camping so no scope but the sky was amazing! If your skies were half as good as those of Kington you'd have had a great time. Dave
  16. You'll be needing a power tank (or mains supply), some eye pieces etc etc Have a word with FLO they'll point you in the right direction. Most of all enjoy the new scope. Dave
  17. I'd be tempted to wait. I don't do much if anything in summer due to the lack of darkness so for me a wait of a few weeks wouldn't hurt. Dave
  18. My vote is to go the Dob route, loads of fun and inch for inch less expensive too. I started with a 5" Newt then moved on to an 8SE and although the optics were excellent the tripod wasn't that substantial so the slightest tap set the scope vibrating. Another thing to consider is that the 8SE, as with all SCT's, doesn't offer the wider field of view that you're looking for. From the 8SE I went to a CPC1100 which would get my vote for the best SCT available for visual only observation due to the excellent optics, 11” light grab, fast setup and excellent tracking however, this still won't give you a wider FOV. Looking for a widefield solution and to compliment the CPC1100 I bought a 4" refractor with an EQ5 without go-to, I couldn't believe how much more enjoyable and rewarding finding objects for yourself is rather than relying on go-to. I enjoyed the non go-to refractor so much that the CPC1100 wasn't getting used and so I sold it but I was then missing the light grab so bought myself a 12" Lightbridge. The Lightbridge has been the best money I've spent on a scope by far, the views are excellent (clouds permitting) and the hunt is a big part of the enjoyment! In a nutshell I would strongly recommend going the Dob route and if you must have go-to they are available. As you said you could keep the Mak for travelling and use the Dob at home, having said that the Lightbridge is pretty portable once broken down into its component parts. A 12” Lightbridge can be had new for under £900 and a 10” under £600 both excellent value for money and leaving you spare case for a couple of EP’s. Whatever you go for I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Dave
  19. Hello Epeddy and welcome to SGL. Dave
  20. I moved to a 12" truss tube Dob from an SCT so regular collimation has become part of my observing prep. At first it was a bit of a faff but after the first few efforts everything seems to fall into place and now what I considered a nuisance is really no trouble whatsoever. As has been said stick at it and, with time, it gets much easier. Dave
  21. Yes the new layout seemed a bit strange at first it's growing on me. Dave
  22. A nice set of easy to read and use maps. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  23. I have that chair and it works well for me in combination with my 12" dob. Dave
  24. When it comes to the GPS just turn the scope on and wait for the correct date and time to appear (this may take a couple of minutes), when you first turn it on it will show the date and time when it was last turned off. Three star alignment never failed for me with both GoTo and tracking working very well. Dave - an ex CPC1100 owner
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