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  1. Oh yes forgot about the doh! Also a ir filter would be good.
  2. Of course you can lx mod is used for stuff like Dso's but can be used for planetary and the moon as standard.
  3. You can connect the fan to the 5v point with a resister to slow it down if need be and the common wire to common on the board simples..
  4. It ok I have found an on off switch but thanks for the help yesyes I shall keep ya posted ok .
  5. well i had a look in device manager and the adaptor was on there as comport 8 which is solected in sharpcap and it disappeared when i unpluged it so that all cool. Anyway i had been have thoughts about the switch i used which was a single pole on on switch ( i aint really clued up on switches and thought if only 2 wires were connected then it would act as a on off switch,how wrong i was doh! ) so i desoldered the switch and left the wires unconnected and it worked so then i connected the wires together and tried that and that changed the picture back to almost darkness so hopefully i have solved the problem,and i shall get the right switch and do some more testing . Finger crossed and thanks you all for your help dazz
  6. I shall do that tonight ,also the camera works fine in normal mode ,as for pictures I am afraid I havent got any but I shall take some if all else fails. Cheers dazz
  7. Thanks for the suggestions ,I have tried the switch and that didnt do anything different,also I have had a check a few times on the lx mod board and cant see any faults . The one thing I havent checked is if the serial adapter is in device manager so I shall check that out tonight but I did get told a comport number. As for setting it is set as stated at the beginning of this threat . Thanks again dazz
  8. well i finally got to try the camera out tonight in my conservatory which with the street lights and a bit of light come from the living room i pluged the camera in focued it on some furniture and i could see it a bit but i adjusted the exsposure a few step but the picture didnt really change i went up to 63 secs . So i got my other spc900 but with the usb and serial cable and tried that with the same settting and at first at low setting there was a diffinate difference the picture was brighter so i turn the exsposure up to 63secs as before and the picture nearly whited it . So what could be wrong ? Could the serial adapter be at fault? how would i check that out? All help appreciated cheers dazz
  9. Yes that was me silly me totally forgot about email,I thought it might be to dark but I shall try it out in a darkish room,I have got another modded spc900 but with the 2 cables so I shall compare it with that cozi know that one works. Cheers yesyes much appreciated I shall report back soon.
  10. Hi there, I have been trying to the project for a while and have managed to put it together but have a problem . I have been trying to test the camera but the only I can test it is in a cupboard because I don't have a scope anymore,and I am doing this to sell on. The problem is is that when I put it in a dark cupboard I can't get a pic in lx mode,but if I try in light there is a pic and when lx is switched on the screen goes bright but I though I should be able to see something in the dark cupboard? Or could it be to dark? When I first finished it it had 9.8 v Zener on it so I changed that to a 11v but only 1.5 w one could that be a problem? Also what tests could I do to confirm operation ? Is there a check to make on the rs232 converter ? I do get a reading on rts but no on dtr is that right? Sorry for all the questions but I am out of options so all help appreciated thanks dazz.
  11. I go a heq5 pro going in the for sale section.
  12. Has anybody done this on a sw 200pds if so how did they connect it to the focuser shaft ? And what stepper did they use? And did they us a gearbox? All help appreciated.
  13. Cool I do live in a light polluted city but after the council have been turning off street lights I have noticed that I can see stars that I couldnt before,so I might look in to get one for myself.
  14. Just wondering if the telrad doesnt magnify and you live in a light polluted city doesnt that make it hard because you cant see all the stars and sometimes you wont be able to see all the stars that are on the charts if you know what I mean .
  15. Also when I was looking at getting electric to my shed a few years ago I was told that I not was able to extend the electric to the outakes because my house use a p.m.e earthing system and if I went ahead with it I would need to have a earth rod installed which you may know isnt just a case of sinking it in the ground,its putting it in the right place to.
  16. £95 is a bit experience if you ask me,but if you cant do the mod yourself it is an easy way to get one.
  17. Well done that man you stuff always impresses me yesyes.
  18. Camera can be modded to take long exposer shots of dso and there plenty of threads on how to do it.
  19. Make sure your finder is aligned with you scope because that will give you problems.
  20. You can get them from maplins and the like
  21. well thank you for all the advices i have managed to get a couple auto reset brakers so hopefully they should do the trick. And heres some pictures of my scope hub.......
  22. hi malc, May i say well done on your buld i am so jelous and one day hopefully i will be able to do the same but for now i am going to have to just have a peir and i was wondering what diameter drain pipe you used for yours cheers dazz
  23. Plus if you buy with paypal you are covered.
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