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  1. Welcome to SGL Johnboy. It seems the WOW factor is what drew us all in to the hobby. :-)
  2. Welcome aboard Kevin !
  3. old glyn

    Hello to all

    Welcome to our band young Mr Q (sez this lad of 71 summers!)
  4. Welcome to our happy band Jay53012. We can all learn from one another and this is a friendly forum where advice is willingly given and knowledge shared. :-)
  5. Welcome aboard Captain! Looks good to me and I eagerly await the next pictues :-)
  6. Nice to have you join us Fengyi.sh. :-)
  7. Welcome Ian. We all learn from each other on here. I have had to have seven trees felled in the past 2 years. Tree surgeons don't come cheap!
  8. Welcome aboard Connor :-)
  9. Welcome aboard Tracy. You live nearly one and a half miles above sea level! I'm only 80 feet above the oggin!!
  10. Welcome Tomo. :-) Your telescope sounds ideal.
  11. That could be a useful bit of kit. Thanks for the tip. :-)
  12. old glyn

    Hi !

    Welcome Stephane, you are among friends here. :-)
  13. Welcome aboard Karl. We all wish for better viewing conditions!
  14. Welcome Chris. If you tell us where you live you may find a kindly member in your neighbourhood and even a club not too far away from you.
  15. Nice to have you with us, Paperhoard! :-)
  16. old glyn


    Welcome Rui. You have come to the right place. People here are friendly and informative. :-)
  17. Welcome Danzup :-) Some form of anti - dew is an absolute must. You might get away with a dew shield as mentioned, but I find an electrically heated band around the lens to be the best solution. Mind you, in the UK we suffer from high humidity and it may not be as severe where you are. Clear skies!
  18. Welcome c4xp. That's a catchy screen name you've given yourself! :-)
  19. We poor cretins should stick together! :-)
  20. Hi Jessum, welcome aboard. That was a splendid introduction. :-)
  21. Star gazing in Cornwall is for stoics and extreme optimists!
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