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  1. Nice pic! I noticed this orange glow last night just peeking over the top of a neighbours house, I rushed to get my camera but by the time I got it (less than 2 mins) clouds had completely obscured the moon. I wasn't quite sure if I'd imagined it or not. At least now I know I didn't
  2. I agree, same setup as me. But if I didn't have the quikfinder or telrad, a straight through would be easier to use on it's own.
  3. Mine came with a straight through finder which I think is standard. The only difference with the flextube as you say, is it collapses for easier strorage and transportation.
  4. I can fell my aperture fever coming back again. (thought I'd cured it)
  5. Odd, mine zooms in af or manual. Maybe it depends on the lens. Anyway hope you get some good shots.
  6. You can zoom with the 1100d. I don't know if it's possible to disable the funciton by mistake, but normally you just use the +symbol on the top right of the camera (next to the star button) the same as you would if you were reviewing a shot.
  7. It is a fraction soft, but nice shot anyway! To get good focus, use liveview to zoom in as far as you can and manually adjust the focus. You'll find that even a feather touch adjustment of focus will make a difference, if you're focusing on stars keep adjusting back and forth until you've got the tiniest possible point. With liveview zoomed right in you'll find the vibrations caused by you touching the lens will make things tricky so wait a second or two between each adjustment. Also assuming you're not using a remote trigger, did you use the shutter delay option because that will improve things too. Rob
  8. You could get a Startravel 80 (around £90) for visual and then use it as a guide scope when you've saved enough for a good imaging scope. EDIT: I agree with Olly though, you could spend a lot of time getting used to how everything works with some great widefield shots with your existing camera lenses.
  9. Yes it is very portable, however the supatrak you've quoted doesn't have Goto. The goto version is about £365. I'm not suggesting you need goto but I get the impression that's what you mean't by "am I cheating?"
  10. The supatrak just tracks the motion of the stars, it doesn't have goto.
  11. Yep, it says so here http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/documents/39.pdf "2X"button will rotate the telescope forward at twice the tracking speed or approxiamately ½º per minute. The left "2X" button stops all motion and allows stars to drift by at their normal rotation rate of approx. ¼º per minute. The "8X" buttons allows forward at eight times the tracking rate (approx. 2º per minute) and the reverse button move the telescope backwards at seven times the tracking rate (approx. 1 ¾º per minute).
  12. I installed APT on an old laptop recently, I didn't install any of the canon utils or drivers and it does work.
  13. This is a great ep, currently my favourite. Shame there's no stock. Might be worth seeing if Flo have an eta.
  14. No worries, seeing as you've been "forced" down the laptop route. Can I also recommend APT www.astroplace.net - APT - Introduction brilliant piece of software the basic versio is free, and the full version is only a few euros.
  15. Hi Quatermass, If you haven't ordered the shoestring gpusb then you should take a look at this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/81238-simplegpusb-home-brew-auto-guider.html It's very easy to make and the build cost comes in at under £10. I hadn't done any soldering at all before attempting this - but even I could do it. It does require Ascom be installed but you don't need to touch it, just install the Ascom software, the driver software written by Sam and PHD and you're away. The only issue I've found with this is I can't get it to work on 64bit Windows, I've got it working on my wifes laptop with Vista installed and on an old laptop running XP. Rob
  16. Don't worry Stan I've got netmums for all my personal issues I built Sam's simple gpusb to control the eq3 hand controller which was very easy to do and works just fine. I think the issues I'm having are down to backlash/slop in the gears. The mount tracks fine, but as soon as I use the control buttons either directly or via PHD controlling, things start to go wrong. I'll strip down, degrease and try and eliminate as much of the backlash as possible and see if that improves things. The 9x50 finderscope combined with SPC900nc seems good and PHD hasn't had any trouble finding guide stars. Rob
  17. Thanks Stan, That's a great easy to follow writeup - and the thing I like most, it might be just about doable for a diy numpty like me I'm having my own guiding woes at the moment (simple gpusb, 9x50 finderscope, spc900nc combination). But a mount strip and regrease together with this mod, should hopefully provide a solid starting point. Rob
  18. Hi Ray, How are you getting on with this lens? I'm thinking it might be a good buy, I'm looking for something a bit wider than my 50mm 1.8. Have you got any examples you can post? Thanks, Rob.
  19. Short answer: no. Long answer: Not a chance. I think an EQ5 is probably the minimum. (sorry )
  20. Very nice! Had a go at this myself earlier this evening.
  21. Good luck with it, hope it all goes smoothly.
  22. I like both of these, particularly the first one. I took a shot of Venus and the moon earlier this evening but It didn't occur to me to go for the triple!
  23. From earlier this evening, normally I'm cursing the clouds but tonight I think they've added a lot to this...
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