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  1. It was worth the wait though! I for one very much enjoyed it... Sasha my wife enjoyed it too and is now taking an active interest, so it was financially a very good presentation to attend
  2. Nice shot Ste, loads of galaxies in there. What focal length was that taken at and the exposure time?
  3. How much is he giving you to take it away?
  4. My mistake, I was referring to the listing with no ep pics.
  5. There is something a little odd about it but I still expect it will go for a lot higher than the current price.
  6. I've just picked up a case of Best and 49er from Ringwood Brewery. I can't manage it all on my own, so if anyone fancies sharing a few Hampshire ales please look me up My wife (Sasha) and I should be getting there late afternoon tommorow.
  7. I prefer the unlit one Barry. I like the wider crop and the silhouette of the ruins. I think in the first one the lighting takes away the effect of the aurora a bit. Awesome shot
  8. I posted it earlier in the day, but it's an interesting video and deserves a bump
  9. As has already been suggested it's just too niche to support shops in every county. For example, according to Google keyword estimator 301,000 people search for "bike shops" but only 3,600 search for "telescope shops" on average per month.
  10. Sorry if it's already been posted, I did a search and couldn't find it. NASA | Evolution of the moon
  11. That's a fantastic photo, very atmospheric setting. I went there about 18 years ago with my girlfriend (now wife), I don't remember the bridge being there then. The whole place was incredibly atmospheric with no restrictions on public access or safety measures in place. I guess with the construction of the bridge it's changed a bit since I visited.
  12. Quatermass that first attempt of yours is too good and not helping Seriously though Tohrazer, please share I'm sure it's better than you think it is.
  13. I've just ordered another hog roast with FLO so I now have a total of 2. After showing very little interest my wife has now done a complete u-turn and decided she'd like to come along too
  14. As if it isn't enough you've got an enormous new scope, I have to see it in your avatar everytime you make a post Awesome scope, Enjoy it, I'm just jealous
  15. No it doesn't, I look at the stars to forget about work
  16. That's amazing, so many stars, you've made my attempt at Orion look like a polaroid snap. I took a look at the hi-res version on your website, incredible.
  17. There's a great collection of Venus' phases taken by Dave Smith here: http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-planetary/170569-venus-collage-july-2010-january-2012-a.html
  18. I really like that, great shot with the windmill. The 2nd shot, not so much
  19. I like the trails, I keep meaning to have a go myself. This is quite a good tutorial on DSS to get you started My Quick DeepSkyStacker Tutorial Flintstone Stargazing
  20. Take a look at this thread http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/179722-budget-dso-showcase.html There's some useful information on kit used and approximate costs involved.
  21. In TLAO they reckon M1 was probably twice as bright 200 years ago, and dim as it is today Messier probably wouldn't have included it in his catalog.
  22. Some friends introduced us to geocaching last year, the kids love it, particularly the caches where you can swop your collected tat for something from the cache box.
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