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  1. Hi everyone .. just bought one of these cams .. but cannt seem images on how to mod it for my telescope ??? can some point me in the right directions please
  2. would this do it folks ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sky-Watcher-Motorset-RA-and-DEC-for-EQ-5-Mount-with-Hand-Control-/121674531877?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1c545e0425
  3. Hi Everyone .. I have just purchased a new 8" messier telescope on a Messier series mount mon 2. I am tryig to find some motors to connect to it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please ? :-)
  4. Ahhh now i am beginning to understand !!!!! thanks guys !.
  5. Hi again all .... Maybe somone can help me with this ( then again maybe i'm just thick ! lol) have been reading a lot of stuff just recently with regard the moon landings.. theorys etc etc, and i was wondering if they planted a flag when they landed would the flag still be there (also the remains of the lunar craft )??, and if it was still there, with all the super strong telescopes we have now, could someone not just point it at the place where it should be and see wots there ? would this not clear up all the theorys straight away ?? thanks Tris
  6. HELLO ALL from good o'll staly vegas !!!!! Just moved up to mottram and wondering if anyone knows of an astronomy club thats local ... or do i have start one ????? Looking forward to gettin up on that hill behind mottram rise ( once the cloud and rain has gone ! ) Any advice or anyone interested in helping me setup a club if there aint one would be very very gratful !!1 Thanks and HELLO again ! Clear Skies to everyone.
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