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  1. I love my bins ,with a good pair of night vision ones you can see a lot. I love looking at those two stars always look for them first before anything else if there visable its a good night for star gazing.
  2. Wont last much longer seems forever when your waiting but we will get there.
  3. How lucky was you to be there at the right time hope you made a wish lol
  4. jaywalker1

    New to this

    Hi Tris im also new but love the site so far
  5. 27th March. clocks go forward great ! lazy hazy days of summer are on the way brilliant ! weathers warming up fantastic ! daytimes getting longer terrific ! telescope out in search of celestral objects what a great idea, but hold on, not so good in the summertime for my trusty old celestron sky scout. Why wont the clock stay set to one hour forward in summertime even when its set manually, consequences are it dont read accurately because its one hour behind, its driving me nuts, great in the winter though. Any ideas? Maureen
  6. jaywalker1

    Message received

    Got your message ok. Have been skywatching for several years but still dont know everything lots to learn. Are you starting with binoculars or a telescope or both. Dont think we are in the right place for chatting think we should be somewhere else have to have a good look through and find out. Someone said this blog section is for big stories dont really know Maureen
  7. Hello Wallwalker, dont know your name sorry. Thanks for your message but it took me ages to find out how to reply, even now i dont know if this is right. Thinking im gonna love this site i know theres lots of things about sky watching i need to ask, but first things first find my way round the site then questions after. Maureen
  8. Thanks Sam I've found this reply really useful,got more idea what it's all about now, thanks again. Maureen
  9. Help can someone tell me what blogs all about im not quite sure its all very confusing for a newbie you know never done blogging in my life stargazing yes blogging no. Thanks Maureen
  10. Hi Volusian, I am also new to the site but welcome anyway. Maureen
  11. Thanks i definately will download that app, sounds good. Maureen.
  12. Hi Mark, ive got two decent size telescopes but still prefer my binoculars i think there much easier to use and less hassle you buy the right binoculars and its surprising what you can see. Maureen
  13. jaywalker1

    New member

    Thanks Isabelle, glad I'm not the only new one around. Once I get the hang of all this think I will love the site do now it's great. Maureen
  14. Hi everyone and for the very warm welcome from you all. Looking forward to chatting to you all in the future. Expect there will be a lot of daft questions I'll need to ask and I definately think I'm in the right place.thanks for your overwhelming responses. Maureen
  15. Hi im Maureen what a great site. Im not really new to the night sky but still need to find out a lot more. I live in Kent and just love to go outside on a clear night but dont seem to have much luck the last few nights. Looking forward to browsing the site, so much to take in but im sure will be worth it in the end. Maureen
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