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  1. I am very new to this, and at present am still more than happy just looking, and not making notes. I wouldn't know what to beging writing down, and sketching, hah, forget it! I am useless at drawing, my sketches would never resemble what I saw!!
  2. Hi all, thanks for the info, I'll def check the website out. Had a great night last night. Wandering around familiarising myself with the patch of sky available to me. Kept going back to Andromeda, absolutely stunning!
  3. Been a while since I've been on here so hi! I can't believe I'm in the garden with the scope in shorts and tee shirt, in September!! Anyway, spent the last hour or so enjoying andromeda, I have a lovely view from my back garden. The last few min, vey couple of minute a satellite ( at least I assume it is) has cut right through it. I was just wondering if you could point me to a resource that might tell me what satellite(s) it is?
  4. Wow, not been on the forum for a couple of nights, and didn't imagine tho thread would end up as busy as it has been! It's brilliant it has been busy, I've got quite a nice list of messiers to try now. M13 was an unusual one for a first DSO I guess, but being that my back garden faced it, it was in part of the sky least affected by light pollution. Seemed a logical choice. Sky is reasonably clear here again tonight so hoping to have at least an hours viewing.
  5. Hi all. So, out with my new scope for the second time tonight. After loosing Saturn over the roof of next door, decided to hunt out my first DSO. Picked M13 as I have a great clear view of Hercules. I'm certain The little grey smudge I am seeing in the eyepiece is M13. I am very pleased to say the least!
  6. I'll be honest, I expected clouds today! So far, it's clear here in East Grinstead. Apologies in advance though!
  7. Sorry, posted this on tapatalk, and stupidly posted the same pic twice! Take 2!
  8. After many months spent trying to make my mind up and repeatedly changing my mind, I bit the bullet on Sunday and ordered a Heritage 130P. It arrived today, and I am very impressed so far! The RDF is now aligned as best I can, now all I need is darkness.
  9. Haha! Cheers Chris, interesting view point and a tempting one. You're quite right in that 10 years is hardy a long time, but my company to 10, 25 and 40 awards, so I'm not going to complain!
  10. I can't decide my game plan!! I should have mentioned that one of the reasons that I like the idea of the skywatcher heritage is the flextube design. I don't have masses of storage space, and so the size it packs down to is a big plus. Apart from the flextube vs solid tube, arent they similar optics? I thought the heritage had the parabolic mirror.
  11. Hi all, My work has given me a voucher to spend for my 10 year long service award. It's for use on a site where they have a collection of various things, valued in points, and I have been given 750 to spend. Now, I wan't particularly looking for a new set of binos, as I am using a set of 10 x 50s I am happy with. However, on the site are a set of Celestron skywather 15 x 17s for 713 points. are they worth a punt or will I end up regretting not using my points for something else? I'm currently torn between these binos, or spending some cash to supplement my points and getting anew set of golf irons! I did look to see if they had any scopes, but theonly one they have is the celestron 130EQ and I'd have to suppliment the points with £100, or they do the travelscop 70, for 585 points. Scope wise, I think I'd rather stick to my current game plan and save for the heriage 130P flex to be honest. any thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated! Rob
  12. Well, we have a nice clear sky, I just hope light pollution doesn't spoil the show!
  13. Haha! I love the theory for a hobby with night time clouds! Jammy, TLAO is very good indeed. I'm only the first couple of chapters in, and I'm very impressed. The way in which it is written makes it a nice easy read, unlike studying a text book, it's easy going, and casual in it's voice style. The information is presented in a nive visual way, showing you plenty of things to look at, and how to find them.
  14. Tell me about it! The two big reservoirs our way are the lowest I've ever seen. We have had rain ever since the hosepipe ban came into force!
  15. Sorry to all those near me, in and around East Grinstead! My planisphere and copy of Turn Left at Orion arrived today, hence the rain! Not quite new scope syndrome, as I've not got one yet, but rest assured, that will be coming soon! Ah well, I've cracked a beer, and am having a good study of TLAO, I'm enjoying it so far. Rob
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