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  1. I've posted wrong verrsion of Pleiades. Should be this one
  2. A couple of shots taken last week. WO FLT 98 APO, EQ6PRO,QHY8L,IDAS LP, FF/R TV 08X. M45 - 40X600SEK Double cluster - 40x300sek Rosette nebula - 18x600 sek.
  3. Quick session last week. WO FLT 98, EQ6, QHY8L, IDAS LP 24x600sek
  4. I wasn't able to capture this object last year with my DSLR. This time I'm succesfull. Quite happy with result considering my place ( Watford) and OSC camera. WO FLT 98,EQ6, QHY8L, IDAS LP 44x600sek
  5. Great details Sara, but still is some noise there More data perhaps?
  6. My lattest attempt. WO FLT 98, EQ6, QHY8L,IDAS LP 43x600sek
  7. This week was blessed with three clear nights. Very rare here. WO FLT 98APO,EQ6,QHY8L,IDAS LP 32x600sek
  8. I have added some data yesterdey. I think it was worth it 45x300 sek
  9. Very bad sky condition allowed me to get 20x300 sek only. WO FLT 98, EQ6, QHY8L, Idas LP.
  10. Latest version. Last one i hope
  11. Great work Patryk. I think you have achieved very good result for Dslr.
  12. This is result of 3h, 20min exposure. ( 20x600sek ) To be honest I'm quite pleasd with it. Didin't expect to much from the place where I live. WO FLT 98 Apo +QHY8L+EQ6+ Idas LP.
  13. I've captured a few frames only to have a look how it will be. I'm gonna back to this object. WO FLT 98 Apo+QHY8L+EQ6+Idas LP. 6x300sek.
  14. I have purchesed Qhy8l recently and this is my first attempt with CCD camera. Very short session as Orion saying Good bye. WO FLT 98+ Qhy8l+ Idas Lp+EQ6 56x75sek. ( 70min ) Picture taken from highly light polluted area ( Watford)
  15. Hello. I've recently purchased Qhy8l and I'm going to use this camera with my scope WO FLT 98Apo. I also have dedicated FF/FR WO IV 0.8 and wondering what kind of spacers I have use to get right distance? Does anyone tried this configuration? Marek.
  16. I've add some colour yesterdey. 15h together. http://www.flickr.com/photos/99496778@N03/12148174575/
  17. http://www.flickr.com/photos/99496778@N03/11888195754/
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