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  1. Wow that looks like a nice clean guide graph, very flat indeed.
  2. Hi Daz, i know a lot of flatteners out there are around the 55mm, such as baader MPCC, Televeue Parracorr etc....and they are definitely used for imaging, and i dont think they are aimed at just DSLR's. I looked at the one you are using and it does look interesting. How long are your extension pieces to achieve focus with the guide cam ? Regards, Richard.
  3. Well just before I put my Castro gear into storage I did drill holes in my guide scope mount bar which allowed me to mount in on top of the 102mm refractor, just never had a chance to test it. Role on June when new house is ready and astro gear can come out and play again.
  4. A 20" inch APM refractor for a mere 825,000 euros, holy smokes............i wouldn't buy one even if i won the lottery lol
  5. Telescope during the night, fair ground ride during the day........lol. We've all heard of mirror slop, but can you imaging the state your scope would be in after being flung round at that speed. Hmmm just thought of another good use...........if your kids are naughty, put them on the "Mount of Terror" and spin them for 10 mins until they promise to behave. Rich.
  6. Hi all, I literally stumbled across this video of a new mount in development using brushless servo direct drives on both axis, with each axis having 18 million ticks, but the bit that blew me away was a slew speed of 120 degree's per second, jesus and i though 10 micron was fast as 20 degree's per second. I'm not sure who is making it, possibly Sideral Technology, but either way is, looks like some serious piece of kit, which i'm going to follow with great interest. Rich.
  7. Thanks Steve, it's what i feared. Looks like i'm pretty snookered then, as i literally only used about 2mm spacer to achieve the perfect distance from the ccd surface. Looks like i'll have to use a dual saddle configuration and use a second ota for a guide scope. Rich.
  8. Hi all, I have a 4" refractor which came with a field Flattener / reducer. I also use a CCD & Filter wheel. ( CCD --> Filterwheel ----> Flattener ) I also have a Telescope Service 9mm slimline OAG that i would like to use, but i am not sure where i can fit this into the optical train. I cannot move the flattener as it needs to be about 55mm from the surface of the ccd chip, which is currently is. Can the OAG be placed anywhere in the optical chain, i.e. after the flattener or does it need to be as close as possible to the ccd chip ? Many Thanks, Rich.
  9. Apologies for going slightly off topic here but wondered what the pointing / tracking accuracy of comets is lime. Has anyone tried imaging comets with the Mesu 200. Thanks, Rich
  10. Per, what's the gm2000 like on comets for pointing / tracking accuracy as i'm guessing the gm1000 will be very close.
  11. Hmm very odd for them to make such a strong statement on the yahoo group. It sounds like some idiot trying to get their kicks by starting a stupid Rumor. If AP had an issue and genuinely believed that 10M has stolen some propriety code then their lawyers would be sending a letter to 10M directly, not posting on the web. Just smell like a load of Rubbish to me. Rich.
  12. Per out of interest why did you choose the external control box vs the neater internal box. Are there any benefits of the external box ?
  13. I wonder if 10m were a little conservative with their figures a bit like AP
  14. Yes I also thought it looked like a lot of counter weight and the scope doesn't look very light either.
  15. Hey all, just found a new youtube video showing the GM1000 slewing and performing a satellite track. I have to say, that the mount looks far more formidable in this video, than in Per photo's.
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