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  1. 2 very cool video's there. I can't offere any advice, but giving your pupils a chance to do something like this would be awesome. go for it!
  2. Wow, just been playing around with stellarium, April 3rd, Venus and the pleiades occulation!!
  3. Feb 26th should see jupiter moon and venus much closer together, with Mercury very low on the horizon as well. Then around mid march Jupiter and venus make a close pass to each other, with mercury still hanging around underneath! We should be in for some lovely pics!
  4. Indeed, normally it's while I'm typing a long winded reply, and someone pips me to the post with a few sentences!
  5. Imerge!!!! See I new someone would beat me to it. It was very simple to use as far as I can remember!!
  6. Hey, I'm sure you could use Gimp or Photoshop to stich the photo's togeather, might a bit labour intensive though. you could try Microsoft ICE Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE) It has built in features for blending the edge of photo's. I think the programme I used was different, but I'm at work at the moment and can't remember is name. I'll have a look when I get home and post unless someone beats me to it. Stu
  7. Hey, I had a 130m and couldn't get focus with a dslr and the scope (except with eyepeice projection but the results werenot great) There are quite a few options open to you with regards to what to do next. I'm sure theres many on here that can offer more detailed advice but this is my 2p's worth. 1. Modify scope - This can vary from moving the primary futher up the tube, to changing the focuser, I think I read an option for chopping a bit out the middle of the tube!!! The idea of self mod's scared me so I didn't go for this, you may well be braver than me an I'm you could find someone on here who has done it al ready. 2. Use a webcam. I cheapish webcam (spc900) can give some reasonable results with planets and moon, and you can also get the long exposure modded for DSO's I only used mine for planetary shots but have seem some good resuts with a webcam and a SW150 I think. Again I'm sure someone could expand more!. 3. Eye Peice or barlow projection with dslr. I tried this and it didn't work that well! Could have just been me though. 4. Buy anew scope (This was what I chose) Probably the most appealing of all the options and worked for me (Although I am struggling to get some decent time outside) I think the new SWp rang have been tweaked to be more compatable with DSLR photography. I have a SW250 with a low profile focuser and this can just about reach focus with about 5mm of play and thee are certainly many on here doing atsrophography with sw 150's and up! Hope this helps! I am basically regurtating what I read when I was in a similar position about 6months ago! All the best and keep us posted with what you choose to do! Stu
  8. Ok, Having posted this, some similar threads where suggested by the forum. It looks like the best way is to bolt the ST80 to the tube rings of my 250 with a dovetail bar! However couldn't find any anwsers about my other 2 questions in other threads! Cheers Stu
  9. Hey All, I'm looking to buy a guide scope for my current setup, it's porbably goning to be the SW ST80, good price and seems to come reccomended by many on here! Firstly what is the best way of mounting, I've read that the guide scope rings you can buy are no good? So how do you guys mount your guide scope with enough adjustment to aling to your main scope? Secondly I already have the SPC900 webcam, does this need the LXmod to work as a guide cam, or would it be fine in it's current state. Lastly, the cable that attaches computer to mount, does this need some form of usb converter from Hitech Astro or do some computers have the right port built in? And what port is it if thats the case. Any other advice you may have about starting out with guiding would be greatfully recieved. Planning to use PHD but don't know much about it yet! Many thanks in advance. Stu
  10. Seem's like your doing everything correct wth regards to polar allingment. (as best you can anyway) As said above start with the widest eyepeice you have 25mm?? When you have had jupiter in sight what has made it move out of view? Is it becuase the control knobs are loose and you can't hold it steady and so jupiter has just swung by? Or is it that that jupiter just moves out of view while your looking at it?
  11. Below is a copy and paste of liquid and solid definations. Seemsto fit into both! Liquid: One of four main states of matter, composed of molecules that can move about in a substance but are bound loosely together by intramolecular forces. Unlike a solid, a liquid has no fixed shape, but instead has a characteristic readiness to flow and therefore takes on the shape of any container. Because pressure transmitted at one point is passed on to other points, a liquid usually has a volume that remains constant or changes only slightly under pressure, unlike a gas. 1. Physics One of four main states of matter, in which the molecules vibrate about fixed positions and cannot migrate to other positions in the substance. Unlike a gas or liquid, a solid has a fixed shape, and unlike a gas, a solid has a fixed volume. In most solids (with exceptions such as glass), the molecules are arranged in crystal lattices of various sizes. 2. Mathematics A geometric figure that has three dimensions.
  12. Unless your supersticious and believe in the new kit jinx!!!
  13. Just read the same thing, i guess its a liquid thats solid then??
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