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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks very much for offering me the straps!  Should come in handy securing my big dob to it's sack truck when moving it out of the garage etc.


    Dinesh De Silva

    32 Soprano Way



    KT10 0DG

    Any particular type of charity you prefer a donation to?





    1. osbourne one-nil

      osbourne one-nil

      Sorry - I completely missed this! I'll get them in the post today. 

      Charity - anything towards a local hospice charity would be great if that's convenient?

      I'll confirm once posted - cheers




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  2. A mystery new member has joined my team. He has a well rounded character and is a smooth operator..... ;). He shall be joining me at SGL11 -  Hurrah!

    1. osbourne one-nil

      osbourne one-nil

      So the rule that telescopes are just like their last but one owner is true then?

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