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  1. Saw around 15 up to now. Very impressed its my first shower siting Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. wow. very nice Sent from my Vodafone 975 using Tapatalk
  3. Haha my misses already does that :-)
  4. Ah maybe I could keep them for when I upgrade. I didn't really think about that. That's great. I will use the spc as a learning curve for a year or so and hopefully upgrade to a DMK 21AU04. Anyone used this cam? Will the filters be ok with these?
  5. No worries thanks. I'll have to put them on eBay now. I'v only just received them from FLO last week. It's just my luck :-)
  6. Thanks I have already bought a filter set as well. It's sods law haha
  7. Hi. Do you have to use the filters with This webcam or should I just use a ir/uv blocking filter. I am really confused with it. I have already bought a set of baader filter but not sure if I have wasted my time or not. Any help would be great. Thanks. Third rock
  8. Hi. Yeah it will be the spc900. Is this a good or bad idea? And thanks for the advice
  9. Venus is a lot brighter than the other planets so maybe that's why you got focus, and you were using a DSLR. That's my theory haha But I don't really no what I'm talking about :-)
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