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  1. The eyepiece adapter looks good. I may get one of those if I ever get some quality EPs. Thanks for the pointer.
  2. When I say my first collimation took 45 mins I did not include the 2 weeks reading up on it.
  3. This is similar to the discussions when morse was dropped from the ham radio exam ....... I brought a goto because where I live most of the stars needed to guide are not visible. Not quite true but its surprising how often the goto appears to be pointing at blank sky. Goto is not cheating....just a tool that can be useful.
  4. Thanks for the gift voucher FLO......most unexpected. I shall have to have another spending spree to make use of it. What can I buy.... Hyperion zoom perhaps....any suggestions.....I'm running out of things to buy.
  5. I too have done my first collimation on 10" Quattro. 45 mins is about right for first time. I later checked and adjusted during a viewing session and it does only take a couple of mins when you know what you are looking for. I havent done a proper star test as seeing was not good enough, ALSO, I do not have a high enough mag. eyepiece. Jupiter looked good so guess collimation is ok.
  6. I got everthing except the Telrad from FLO. Very quick efficient service. I don't know why they don't sell Telrad.....strange.
  7. Pics at last. I had a go at collimation today. Ok, I think. Used Cheshire and the Hotech laser. http://www.ontheisle.co.uk/Quattro/Q2.jpg http://www.ontheisle.co.uk/Quattro/Q3.jpg http://www.ontheisle.co.uk/Quattro/Q4.jpg http://www.ontheisle.co.uk/Quattro/Q5.jpg http://www.ontheisle.co.uk/Quattro/Q6.jpg http://www.ontheisle.co.uk/Quattro/Q7.jpg
  8. It's a steel tube and weighs 16 kg on my dodgy scales which always tell me I am heavier than I think I am. Tried to use scope tonight but difficult to get the telrad and scope aligned between the clouds. Once telrad was aligned I managed to see Wild Duck (M11) and was suitable impressed. The collimation of slightly off but I didn't have time to sort it out as the clouds were coming in fast. Also M81 and M82 but clouds drifted over so gave up for the night. Sorry about the lack of pic ..... not sure what you want to see. I will take some pics tomorrow when I attempt to sort out the collimation.
  9. Thanks to those awfully nice people at FLO (thanks Steve) I am now the proud owner of a Skywatcher 10" Quattro. Cloudy skies as one would expect but the scope has been wizzing around my living room all evening. Overall impression is good. This is one big scope......cant wait to actually see stars through it. Build quality looks good, tube has baffles, focuser is nice and smooth and will take a DSLR well. I particularly like the primary collimation knobs...... nice and easy to use. The tube length works well with the NEQ6 and dosen't hit the tripod legs. I am no expert on scopes, previously has a Mead ETX 90 for a few years but didn't use it much then more recently had a Skywatcher 127 Mak az goto......brilliant scope that got my interest going. Not much more I can say at the moment ........ I will post again when I have used the scope.
  10. Thanks guys, good guide. That will get me started. I know the F4 needs to be spot on with collimation but with all these cloudy nights I will have more time for collimating than viewing. My thinking was that for a hobby it's fun tinkering to find out how it all works so a performance bit of kit will give me plenty to play with and get up to speed.
  11. I have just ordered a SW 250 Quattro. Suppose I had better find out what this collimation thing involves. Any good guides that you can recommend would be appreciated. I have ordered Chesshire and laser collimators so expect they will have basic instructions.
  12. I ordered a telrad from RVO today...... Just need to get a scope now.
  13. What I really wanted to know is are there any disadvantages in having a fast f4 reflector at fl 1000 The 250pds is f4.8 (I think) and fl 1200 AND £100 cheaper.
  14. I put an wanted add on astrobuysell for a 250pds but the lack of replies suggests that the owners are far happier with their scopes than these forums may suggest. Guess I'll just have to buy a nice new one .... what a shame. So, do I get the 250pds or the new 250 quattro f4 (not the CF). I read about the advantages of the new quattro but wonder if there are any disadvantages in having a f4 reflector. I have brought an NEQ6 but have nothing to put on it and my main interest is visual with some photography.
  15. Cheers John. All is not lost after all.
  16. Thanks for the quick reply guys. Not the answer I was hoping for as I have just picked up an EQ6 tripod. Never mind ....... surprised there are no adapter plates.
  17. Will a HEQ5 mount fit on a NE6 tripod and can the HEQ5 be purchased without tripod. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
  18. Focal reducer was second hand from U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell It worked out quite expensive in the end because to use the reducer I had to buy a SW to SCT adapter and other stuff to match the threads etc. Worth it though ...... I can now get reasonable pics (I hope). This site does not allow new users to see the second hand sales until 50 posts are made ...... what's that all about. It's the new comers that need access to the second hand equipment to get them started.
  19. Pleased with mine. Ring Nebula taken with 6.3 focal reducer. First attempt with half a dozen 10 second shots, stacked. Waiting for clear skies to try some more.
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