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  1. Hi guys, I understand the moon is going to be at it's closet distance to earth tonight and I'm after a few tips on the best way of taking pics of the moon using a Dslr, i.e what settings should I be using, and how to get the best results, I have a canon 550d with 70-200 f2.8 is lens Many thanks Raz
  2. At the moment i want to be using the camera lens and then move on to scopes. Why modify cameras, i'm a little confused on that can anybody explain please thanks
  3. yea, i will be using it for daytime aswell
  4. Hi peeps, I am a total newbie, and i want to start taking pictures of the night sky, you probably had this question before, but i want to invest in a dslr but what shall go for, i hear canon are better at Astrophotography, My initial choice is the Nikon d7000. Thanks Raz
  5. Hello Mark, im a noobie to from Leicester
  6. Raz


    What scope were u looking at?
  7. Raz


    It was good, it was at someone's manor house, it gave me an insight
  8. Raz


    Hi peeps, I'm raz from Leicester, total newbie in stargazing, after watching the stargazing gazing programmes on bcc 2, I have found interest in the solar system, went to a stargazing event tonight, looked at Jupiter which was amazing. Hopefully looking in buying a telescope, so will be needing some advice, but will I will save that for another thread. Raz
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