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  1. Hi John and welcome, some really nice shots there!
  2. Hi Mark, and welcome from me too
  3. Hi Skyline and welcome - you chose wisely!
  4. Hi and welcome from me too
  5. So am I so I feel your pain and shame in admitting I even know what star sign I am!
  6. I pray you mean astronomy!!! - Welcome by the way!
  7. Hi Dovile and welcome from me too!
  8. Hi Tim and welcome from me too!
  9. MorningMajor

    hi folks

    Hi Craven and welcome - you could also try posting in the equipment section - good luck!
  10. Hi and welcome from me too!
  11. Hi and welcome - shame you're in Liverpool otherwise you could join the Baker Street Irregulars
  12. Hi and welcome from me too
  13. I've never used the Orion so couldn't do a comparison, but my first scope was the SLT and I loved it - and I still wheel it out every now and then especially for planetry viewing - so if you decide on it you won't be disappointed. Good luck with your choice.
  14. Hi John and welcome from me too!
  15. There was a complete thread with loads of Android Apps listed - can't find it now I'm afraid - but it's there somewhere!
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