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  1. Hi All:icon_salut: Have any of you and experience viewing with a monocular 15x60 what can I expect to see assuming the optics are good I use 10x50 binos but would like to better the mag 15x60 is I believe a good option Thanks Mick:)
  2. Hi Doug I am still researching and very tempted,being a newbee they will have other uses rather than a dedicated tripod setup
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  4. Hi and welcome to sgl
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    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    Hi and welcome to sgl
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    Hello All,

    Hi and welcome to sgl
  8. Once you find orion the rest follows on, when Iget lost Istart again Mick
  9. Hi I cant advise you what to get as I as in the same position as you, so I am learning from this thread, it makes good sense Mick
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    Hi and welcome to sgl
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum
  12. Hii and welcome to sgl
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