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  1. Wanting to get into AP. I'm thinking about getting a Voigtlander 20mm f3.5 or 28mm f2.8 or maybe even a Carl Zeiss lens. Though they are a bit expensive. Don't really want a Samyang, they focus beyond infinity. Planning a trip to Brecon Beacons around the new moon. Want a lens by then. Anyone have any experience with these lenses?
  2. Hi! Wondering if any one here going to see the Eclipse here in 2015? Heard there's a chance you might see the Northern lights at the same time as the eclipse.. That would be special, as seeing either is rare.. What about seeing both at the same time? That would be eerie but amazing! Can't imagine it happens all that often.. Now that would be a photo opportunity! And how would you photograph that anyway? I would love to go.. but I can imagine it will be wildly expensive.. D'oh.. Still could I sell my soul ..or a kidney at least..
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures Hope you have a good trip. And please take me with you!
  4. Yes, I totally agree, the photographs are nothing compared to seeing it with your own eyes.. The way they move across the sky, and they are not the same colour as the photographs would suggest.. The ones we saw danced across the sky.. truly amazing sight..
  5. It's cool! It's nice to see the photos They're absolutely fantastic! Would love another opportunity to see them again.. Next time I'll get a wider lens! Maybe go somewhere with trees! In Iceland there's a lack of them.. Wouldn't mind the Southern lights one day.. New Zealand would be a great place to go.. Need to win the lotto first though! Ho ho ho! Going out now to buy a ticket
  6. Amazing shots!! Looks like you camped out in the wilderness.. Hope you had your thermals with you.. I'd of cried if I didn't have mine!
  7. Hi Ags, I did a 10 second exposure on this particular photo but for a f4 you may need something longer... about 30seconds? After that, you'll get star trails..
  8. Reykjavik, a nice place but not the place to see the lights.. Too light polluted.. Need to get out in the sticks.. And thanks saturn4me You'll love the place.. we went ice fishing too, that was ace! Didn't catch a fish though.. It got away!
  9. You have to do it!! It's unbelievable when you see them for real.. The only regret I have is I didn't have a very wide lens, fast enough but not wide enough.. D'oh! A 28mm f2.8
  10. It's well worth it.. Chuffed to bits with seeing them... thing is, it's addictive.. I want to see them again!
  11. Just come back from Iceland today.. This is one of the photos I took of the Northern Lights.. Brill time out there! Was there 7 nights only saw them on the last night in the Westfjords.. It was freezing cold and dark but I didn't have my gloves on me at that point, took this picture fumbling about in the dark with the camera.. I was on such a high after I saw the lights.. They seem to dance for us. Amazing! Something you have to do before you die.. http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/
  12. Thanks for the help every one.. The link was very useful.. I've printed out a copy to take with me And I have a wired shutter not a remote one but that'll do!! Thanks again everybody!
  13. I'm going to Iceland this Friday, Hopefully, I'll manage to photograph the Northern Lights. Is there any tips anyone can give me? I have a canon 20D, and 28mm f/2.8, a 17-85mm 1:4-5.6 IS USM and the plastic fantastic.. Hopefully I'll come back with the goods Please wish me clear skies. I'll post pictures, if I get any when I come back
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