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  1. Just getting my scope all set up and making sure the alignment is correct. What is the plan as i fancy a evening out Saturday 21.01.12. So is there anything planned for a meet, if not i will probably head to Wood church to Ashford Astronomical Society Stargazing LIVE event. A warm welcome to you from Ashford Astronomical Society and welcome to the site! | Ashford Astronomical Society
  2. I would be up for this not too far to travel, been on ashdown forest quite a bit but would help with someone with more experience. google sky maps have been useful though
  3. Ashford Astronomical Society, are running an event for this, last year you could not get into the venue because it was so full. Let's hope for clear skies.
  4. Why not look for another Admin strictly to monitor the For sale section, thus taking the strain from other Admins. Just an idea!
  5. Just passed over West Kent bang on time.
  6. Maybe we can have a meet one night, i did try to arrange something. Keep me posted if something happens as i only live 20 minutes away.
  7. Any ideas what i need to get my telescope to look at things the correct way up during the day. For a Skywatcher 130
  8. Welcome to the friendliest forum this side of the moon! LOL
  9. Hello, from a fellow Kentish person, welcome to the forum.
  10. Have a look towards the north and pray the skies clear a little. You may see nothing at all, or it could be an amazing show.
  11. Is the parabolic reflector in the 130p better than the one in the 130 m You are correct!
  12. If this weather improves anyone want to set a rough time, i'll start by saying 6pm ish?
  13. Suggested meeting point Crowborough Rd to Crowborough Rd - Google Maps
  14. All info is good info SussexRob, thanks. Anyone fancy a meet Saturday night on Ashdown forest weather permitting ?
  15. Welcome to the forum mate.
  16. I have had to come in lost feeling in my feet. Back out as soon as i warm up though looking good out side!
  17. I have a collimation tool and knowhow to complete the process, but looking round the subject it seems the the primary mirror should have a centre mark on it i have noticed that depending where you look the centre can seem to be different, due to the off set angle you look at the mirror. So how easy is it to remove the mirror to mark it, what would be best to centre mark the mirror to achieve true collimation. My scope is a Skywatcher 130m. Sounds simple but don't wish to really muck this up!
  18. I have one, really usefull, but be warned do not point near any person or in this case near aircraft! The old bill take a very dim view on this, and you do not want to go on holiday at HER majesty's pleasure!
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