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  1. They are all MS Windows programs. Though it looks like Registax might run under Wine, I'd much prefer to be able to do it from Linux (preferably with a simple script). Sam.
  2. I'm under the impression that it's possible to do image stacking with Hugin, but I can't figure out how to actually use it. It doesn't help that I'm new to both astronomy and astrophotography, so don't understand most of the terminology. So... I have a series of images taken of Saturn which I'd like to 'stack together' to produce a single more detailed image. Is Hugin the right tool? Are there better options on Linux (all my computers run Gentoo Linux, except for one which runs OpenBSD)? Is there (or can someone provide) a simple guide to doing this? I've tried using align_image_stack as well, which gives me a .hdr file, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam.
  3. Doesn't work on Linux. Even if it did, I wouldn't want to have to install special software on every device before I can read the images off, or hope there's an SD card reader available. gphoto works, but just mounting it would be easier. It just never occurred to me that anyone made cameras anymore that didn't support this, so I didn't check. Oh well. Sam.
  4. I now have all of the above. I'd have to say that I wouldn't recommend the Canon - it doesn't support USB mass storage, making getting images off it to the computer more trouble than I was expecting. The picture taking side of the camera seems fine though, so thanks for the suggestions. Sam.
  5. Okay, it looks like the Canon EOS 1000D would be a good choice. Checking on Amazon, they have: Canon EOS 1000D body only. Canon EOS T Ring Celestron T-Adapter, Universal 1-1/4" Anything else I'd need? (I have memory cards) Unless the Canon software works with Linux, I doubt that it's going to be of any use to me. An Android app would be nice though.... Thanks for the help, and yeah, I'm going to stick with things, but it's a bit annoying at the moment. I got a whole 30 minutes of clear sky last night. Sam.
  6. Hi all, I have a Celestron NexStar 5SE, and I'm thinking about getting a digital SLR to plug into it to try some astrophotography. I currently have a mount for my compact camera, though it's fiddly lining up the camera with the mount and eyepiece, so I'm guessing an SLR which could be mounted directly would make like a lot easier. Can anyone recommend a good first choice (i.e. not too expensive, but something which will give good results - I'm aware both requirements are subjective!)? I have the option of trading my scope in for a bigger one through Astronomia, and I'm considering upgrading to the 8SE if I'm still interested in a few months (I got the scope for Xmas, so it's currently a new hobby in threat of termination if the weather doesn't improve soon!) if that makes any difference. Thanks for any advice, Sam.
  7. Farnborough. I didn't know about the event until just now when I found this forum whilst searching for a LUG-style mailing list for astronomy. Just got a telescope for Christmas, so I'm relatively new as well. Sam.
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