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  1. Friday night I headed out to Carew Castle to take a star trails image for an upcoming magazine feature I’m writing. Clear skies and no wind greeted me and is perfect conditions for this type of photography. A few minutes into the sequence though I struck gold by capturing a massive fireball / meteor directly in my field of view, lucky isn’t the word! However I had to wait to the end of my hour long session to see if I had caught it. It was quite slow moving burning bright greens and oranges as it travelled over the countryside, breaking into pieces was quite a surreal sight to witness. The image above is two, thirty second images merged to make one, one minute long exposure – the green colours from the fireball / meteor have been captured in the reflections from the waters that surround Carew Castle. Below shows my sequence of one hundred and thirty consecutive, thiry second exposures stacked on top of one another using image stacking software. Taken just over an hour. Thankfully there were some nearby car headlights in the car park that illuminated the castle to give the scene more impact. And then the whole sequence with all the images from my star trails session including the fireball images are merged into one image below. 500PX >> http://500px.com/photo/14450499 cheers drew
  2. So after all that what shall I get? T ring for eos is obvious but which t mount tube? What ones do other people use with 200pds? Cheers Drew
  3. Yes I have a 5D Mark II / 7D and a SW 200pds thanks drew
  4. Hi all, looking to get an adaptor to do some prime focus photography looking at these two I believe they're the same thing but just double checking with you knowledgable people So shall i get this: First Light Optics - FLO 2-inch T mount camera adapter or this : First Light Optics - William Optics 2 inch prime Focus Camera Adaptor will also need a t-ring cheers drew
  5. Thanks all - in the end managed to buy it jointly with someone so we upgraded to HEQ5 Pro GOTO Turns up this week
  6. Hi there have read a lot on the forums lately. I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a scope and mount for mainly viewing but also to do some astro images People say that this combo should be replaced with the next mount up for payload options Camera equipment I own is 7D & 5D2, array of f/2.8 lenses including 300mm so can use the camera and lens on its own with the mount for general tracked shots but I'd like to use the 5D2 body on the scope I originally started off choosing a 150pds with EQ3Pro with the aim to use the dslr on it but have since preferred the option of the extra light gained by the larger 200pds scope So, can someone in the know tell me is a 200pds + EQ5 GOTO and 5D2 or 7D body (without grip) really that unreasonable that I won't get good shots from it and it's too heavy rendering it useless? Obviously I'd love to have the next mount up but I'm not prepared to spend anymore and from a practical point of view the next mount up is too heavy to cart about from site to site Any help appreciated and sample shots taken with this combo would help greatly Cheers Drew
  7. Following on from last years Milky Way shots found here > Milky Way ~ Elegug Stacks | drewbuckleyphotography.com & here > Milky Way ~ Freshwater West Hut… | drewbuckleyphotography.com I tried something new. Here we have the War Memorial at Freshwater West. Again using Stellarium, made sure I would be shooting the right direction and time to capture it along with the composition I had in mind in relation to the monument's position. One image is the stars exposure, 25secs @ f/4, ISO 3200 to maximise light = more stars. Then another separate exposure for the memorial itself, lit up over a similar exposure time (but lower ISO) with a handheld torch from camera left. Then merged in Photoshop. Really happy with the outcome and meets what I envisaged before getting to the location. Thanks for looking! drew 5D2 & 17-40/4
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