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  1. OK, Thanks he is sitting here beside me and I have told him this is it. Thanks to all of you who have spent valuable thinking time on this. I assure you I won't bother you again. Thanks, Mikael
  2. Thanks all for your replies, I have shown my friend this now and he is pondering about it and greets you for, as he says "We have at least tried". I wonder though: Did that string of data actually mean something astronomically, or was it just yibberish? Thanks, Mikael
  3. I am a layman in this field, I am a proffesional senior analyst in the computer world. However; A friend of mine, who thinks he has got clairvoyance, has asked me to post this to one of the biggest astronomers forum on the internet, which I belive you are. Does this make any sense at all?? WX68023456, AUST, 097345678910111213151719212283417. AUS12157434,84 He claims it should be something that astronomers understand and it should describe "the position of a distant Sun about 5-6 Trillion Light years ahead." Anyone? Regards, Mikael:icon_salut:
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