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  1. Hi Adam, welcome to SGL Z
  2. Beautiful shot Adam, shame the cloud spoiled the main event, but one to stick in the album for sure! Thanks for sharing. Z
  3. Welcome to the forum Always good to hear from another in Derbyshire! Good luck with the freebie, sounds like it could be a great find! Z
  4. Hi Tyr, welcome to SGL Z
  5. Zilz


    Hi Dale, welcome to SGL Z
  6. Zilz

    Hello from Mid Devon

    Hi Adrian, welcome to SGL
  7. Hello JD, welcome to SGL Z
  8. Lol, Prof Cox strikes again! Excellent stuff, welcome to SGL Z
  9. Hi and Welcome to SGL, hope you manage to get your scope sorted, and get to see how fantastic the sky is soon. Z
  10. Zilz

    Hi there

    Welcome to SGL OneSG, hope you get some clear skies Z
  11. Hi Thomas, welcome to SGL. I'm just starting to get into astrophotography myself, so I look forward to seeing your images Z
  12. Hi Casper, welcome to SGL Z
  13. Hi Sagan, welcome to SGL Z
  14. Zilz

    Hello from me

    Hello Spikey, welcome to SGL Z
  15. Hi Paracelus, welcome to SGL Wishing you clear skies for when your new scope arrives! Z
  16. I'm by no means an expert, but sounds like you found Arcturus and not Saturn. Arcturus is very bright and is yellow-orange in colour. Saturn would be unmistakable through your EP. Easy mistake though if you can't Polar align, both are in the South sky, but Saturn would be further West than what you were viewing I think. I had similar problems, but if you download Stellarium, it should help you locate things more easily
  17. Hi Terry, welcome to SGL. Hope your shiny new scope arrives soon! Z
  18. Hello Dob, welcome to SGL
  19. Zilz

    From the shadows

    Welcome to SGL Chriss Z
  20. Zilz

    Hi everybody!

    Hi Mike, welcome to SGL
  21. Zilz

    Just saying Hi!

    Welcome to SGL Good luck building your observatory, make sure you take some pics and show us all when it's done! Z
  22. Thanks for the well wishes guys. If I wasn't hooked before, I certainly am now! As expected, the clouds have been playing with me and offer about an hour of decent seeing a night. But I've had a few good nights observing Saturn this week, so I can't complain! Hopefully will get some good conditions again soon and see what else I can find. Thanks again, and wishing clear skies for you all, Z
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