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  1. I'll try that No, I was adjusting the focuser. I went from a big ring of fire to a small ball. I was expecting to see the red band of jupiter a bit clearer than I did. There was also some "blurring" around the edges. It did get better after half an hour or so now that I think about it. I'll have to look at the moon tonight to make sure But it's cold out there! Going in the bath now because my feet are cold as ice. But I'm happy! Gonna take a picture of the moon with an iphone later just to show off Prolly gonna be Sh*** but I'll still be happy!
  2. So I saw Jupiter. It was awesome. I do have a few questions however. I got the 130p GOTO AZ SynScan. I haven't aligned it yet, waiting for some bright stars to show up later tonight. But before the sky went dark, I caught a glimpse of jupiter. So my questions. I got three (two?) eyepieces. One 2x Barlow, one 10mm and something else called a "Wide Angle Eye Relief" somethingsomething. 1) I got a black ring with screws on it. Here's a guy unboxing more or less exactly what I got, and stumbled across the same little ring. He also had no idea what it was: YouTube - Skywatcher 130P 2) Jupiter was kind of out of focus. Is this due to: a) Not collimating (I haven't learned it yet). I have no idea if they have done this automatically to newly sold scopes. A lot of light pollution in the south, especially from the sunset. c) A lot of light pollution from the city in General. Live more or less 5km from downtown Oslo. or D) All of the above? 3) The first thing I managed to do, of course, is touch my moon filter with my fingers. Any tips on how to make it silky smooth? 4) The mount looks very unstable. All through the gazing, Jupiter kept shaking. Is this because of atmospheric disturbance, or small movement in the mount itself? 5) Is it necessary to custom make a collimation tool, or can I do it out of the box? Shipping for a collimation tool is more than the item itself, so I'd like to make it cheap I'm going out on the porch tonight to align the synscan, and hoping to catch a proper look at the moon. I figure, seeing as that is such an easy target, it will be easy to spot if something is wrong with my scope (collimation etc). Thanks for all the help here over the past few weeks
  3. I can only go by what FLO told me in the two mails I received from them. The £174 shipping and the 20% British VAT on top of my local 25% VAT made it financially stupid for me to buy from FLO. The €50 shipping and removing the local German VAT made it a lot cheaper to buy from Germany. I would suggest they make sure they understand what they can do when selling over the channel. The VAT should be removed, as I'm pretty sure they can note that sale as VAT deductible in their tax returns. And I'm sure there are cheaper shipping options to mainland Europe than FedEx, which would also probably increase foreign sales. But I'm happy with Teleskop Express. They will ship my scope within a few days, and it may take a few days longer than FedEx (but UPS is pretty good too), but I would have saved a few hundred pounds.
  4. That is what I thought as well. I e-mailed 4 different stores. The german stores said the VAT would be subtracted when I was logged in to my account, or when I entered my shipping information. When I receive the package from Germany, it will go through customs. The price+shipping cost will be used as a base for the 25% VAT in Norway I will have to pay. If you then include 20% off the items cost in Britain, I'm paying a lot more. If I was able to get the 20% British tax back, who would give that to me? Would I have to contact the British government? I had always assumed I would be charged without the British VAT added, but was told by FLO that I would have to pay the British VAT. This, and the shipping costs, meant I bought my scope from Germany instead. I ended up buying the 130P SynScan AZ GOTO from Germany. €24 shipping, and the 19% German VAT was subtracted from the invoice. I have to wait a week extra for them to get it back in stock, but the money I save will be worth it. Gonna be some time before I get clear skies here anyway @ Orion_the_Hunter You're welcome
  5. I did. I talked to then via mail. Martin told me £171.00 normal Fedex 3 day, or 156.00 economy, and that the British VAT would also be payed. It is still the best shop I've found for British customers, but if you're not, the added VAT + shipping costs should be taken in to account.
  6. Hmm, in Germany they remove the tax before purchase. Registering on f.example teleskop-express's website, and logging in, the prices are adjusted to have the 19% tax removed.
  7. I have spent a few weeks now researching where to buy my first telescope. (I am using a 200pEQ5 telescope as an example, because that is what I initially researched, and my mails were about that scope.) In Norway, everything is more or less double the price. Litterally. I compared three telescopes, and found that after VAT and shipping, I payed half the price of what the telescope was listed in Norway. I found that buying from UK is not viable at all. FLO charges £175 for shipping of this telescope to Norway: Homepage - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 (Other stores will probably have different shipping charges). I presume this is partly because of boat or plane shipping is included from the British Isles. The VAT is also not subtracted from your purchase, regardless of where the package intends to ship from. So if you live in Norway, you will be paying 20% UK VAT, in addition to the import VAT of 25% (of item price and shipping cost) to Norway. That is an added 20% of the price! Finally, to buy this 200p with mount, from FLO I would be paying £690 to get it to Norway. Where to buy from then? I found, buying from Norway, the cheapest place is Germany. Sweden is cheaper to ship, but has slightly higher prices. Take this telescope f.example (the 200pEQ5). https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2891_Skywatcher-Explorer-200P---200-1000mm-Newtonian-on-NEQ-5.html This costs (using Google conversion) £373. Now, the shipping for this item is only £35, compared to FLO's £175 for the same package. In Germany, they remove domestic VAT from purchases intended for outside Germany. This means our £373 goes down to £302. Add the £35 for shipping (£337) and your local VAT (25% here). Totally, from Germany I pay: £421 (or close because of currency fluctuations). In conclusion So, to anyone not from England, these are my experiences. You will have a much better time buying from mainland Europe (especially Germany), than you would from England. Not only are the shipping charges extremely high, the extra 20% VAT really seals the deal for me England: £690 Germany: £421 You (I) save: £269 - Suz
  8. Not sure if it will damage, but you should turn the scope downwards if you are afraid of moisture. Dunno HOW much it helps, but it helps.
  9. Are you sure you have put in the correct lat/long time/date in stellarium? Also, stellarium config has an option called: flag_light_travel_time = This needs to be either false or true (think it's false)
  10. I was wondering about this mount as well. Does it track? Can it keep f.example jupiter in view? And for how long?
  11. I can't get the 200 out of my mind. I want it, but it is just so amazingly huge. I don't think I even have room for it here. The only place to put it would be in the middle of the living room which is not happening I think I'm gonna have to go with the 130 o_O
  12. We had clear skies for about an hour today, and I managed to spot Jupiter just to the left of the very narrow moon It was nice to actually KNOW it was Jupiter, and not guess it Edit: Any MUST HAVE stuff for the 130p? I figure some nice new eyepieces and maybe some other cool stuff, since it doesn't really cost much at all
  13. I've been back and forth between expensive scopes and cheap scopes. I decided to go for the 130p as well. (I could get a 200 dob but I decided I wanted to travel with it, as the light pollution here is terrible). I'm now just waiting for reply from FLO about shipping cost to Norway. For this: Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 GOTO This was when I had set a high budget and was really being overzealous for my first telescope they told me £171. If the 130p is anywhere close to this, I'll have to get it from teleskop-express.de which has more or less the same price and only €25 for shipping to Norway with UPS. So hopefully I'll be out stargazing in the near future.
  14. They are pretty large. I'm sure I'll find room for it somewhere. But the eyepiece position is a bit annoying. I could, however perhaps buy a dobsonian mount and upgrade to a good mount later on if my interest is still as strong in a years time perhaps. Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian This costs about the same. Perhaps that would be a good alternative for a newbie. Not gonna go in to long exposure photography
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