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  1. Good post, i had problems aligning my sons meade Starnavigator 102, but last night we managed to get it slewing in the direction it was meant to, the best was Saturn we got it ij the direction of it and then got it in the eeyepiece and focused it, it is truly an awesome sight and to think its so far away as well, 1st view was with a 25mm and it was pretty small but with the 9mm and a 2x barlow we managed to get a leare if albeit small view of it. Even Mum came out and had a look and thought it was amazing, hopefully she will be up for getting a 8" Meade lightswitch LOL!!! I am becoming hooked already after one night!!
  2. Hi again, i reset the autostar and entered the date and time i assume correctly(would it make a diff if i enter 24hr clock instead) then entered Edinburgh as my nearest city, then i changed the lat and long to my location(Drumoak, Aberdeenshire), then tested the motors and did a train of the drives. Then i pointed it north and levelled it, waited till it got dark, it was a very dark clear night as well gggrrrr, then tried the easy alignment but it was way off course. I am assuming that maybe the time is being input wrongly, and that would cause it to slew where it thinks the star is at that time? I will have a look at it today and see if i can enter the time in 24hr format and try again, (oh to be able to afford a Meade Lightswitch lol). Thanks agin for your input, i will let you know how i get on. The time was entered correctly cause i checked it this morning and it was showing am, also there are 6 entrys for the time, i assume its hour, minute, seconds you enter?
  3. Hello again, i went out last night as it was a mild clear night, i set the scope up just before dark to north and level then when it got dark i had a look at stellarium for obvious stars i then selected easy align and the scope slewed to sirius which i know is in the sth east, when i looked thru the eyepiece it was nowhere to be seen, and the scope seemed to be pointing in the wrong direction ie west?? During the day i had tested the motors and trained the drives but still i cant seem to align the scope, can anyone help me but in plain english for a total newbie, i don't want to be baffled with science etc just some pointers that i can follow easily!!!!
  4. Sounds like my kind if stargazing for sure, switch on leave it 5 mins then look at whatever you want!!! I got my son a Meade Starnavigator 102 for Xmas, its ok for looking at the moon and jupiter when its shining brightly, but i just can't seem to get it aligned properly, i have tried a few times but it never seems to go in the right direction. Where we live is out in the country but we have a large hedge all around the house and we are in a bit of a dip also as we don't get great mobile phone coverage, would that have anything to do with poor alignment?? Cheers for now, MikeyP, Aberdeen.
  5. It is a audiostar handset that came with the scope, i don't know any stars really, looking at stellarium the most obvious stars at this time seem to be sirius and rigel, i think i can se them in the sjy tonight as it is really clear here, should i try an alignment using them and see how i get on?
  6. Hi all, i got my son a Meade starnavigator 102 for his Xmas, i think its a costco version of the Ds 2080?, i have tried resetting a few times then enetering Edinburgh as home site, but whenever i try to align it it seems to be miles off the stars its supposed to be locating, i am getting to the stage where i reckon its time to give up on it!!!! I have trained the drives etc, the only problem i can see is the very 1st time i switched it on i don't think i put in edinburgh as my home city. Can anyone help please!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the replies, i think it was the location the very first time i switched it on and initialized it. I have put in Edinburgh as a new site and it seems to be slewing in the direction of Jupiter, it has been cloudy so i haven't been outside with it so next clear night i will go out and have another go.
  8. thanks for your reply, i guess its the american thing, we just tried a quick alignment as we didn't really know anything about stars etc, can i reset it to factory defaults and start again, we are totally new to this so we just went with what the scope said.
  9. Hi all a newbie here, my son got a Meade starnavigator 102 from Santa, i aligned it to the 2 star method and put in Edinburgh as my nearest city, tonight we had a look at the sky and we saw the crescent moon ok and i think we saw Jupiter, but when we use the autostar it was well off direction when we entered the moon, any help would be appreciated. We are in Aberdeen , Scotland if that helps. Thanks in advance, Mike, Aberdeen.
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