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  1. Okay, I'm curious. I have read somewhere that the SW Mak 180 has a central obstruction of 24%. That would translate to about 40mm. Would that not mean that a 150mm Evostar refractor would have about the same (if not more) light gathering ability than the Mak 180? And if so, surely one could easily compensate for the lower focal ratio with increased magnification? I mean without losing significant amounts of light relative to the Mak. Would a similar apparent size for planets in the eyepiece be achievable in the 150mm refractor as the Mak180? I ask because while I'm primarily an observer of the Moon and planets, I think the added versatility od the f/8 refractor might be attractive. Also, a higher focal ratio seems like it would make the Mak difficult to align.
  2. I'm looking to buy a scope and I find the idea of a dobsonion attractive (nice aperture to price ratio). I have narrowed it down to the Sky Watcher Heritage 150 flextube with virtuoso GTI or the Skyliner 200P. I am attracted by the 150's goto system, because I'm not experienced navigating the night sky. However, the 200 offers a lot more light for the cost. The scopes cost about the same. Any advice would be welcomed.
  3. From North Kerry, Ireland. Iso probably too high, but was experimenting.
  4. thanks for moving this. Newbie here. I put it in wrong forum.
  5. Vega and Jupiter from North Kerry, Ireland.
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