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  1. Hi all not been active on the forum for a while . Finally decided on getting an eight inch flexi auto dob and can't wait to get out observing . So thanks for. All your advice on buying equipment
  2. i have made a shortlist of two scopes - skywatcher 150p dobsonian and the Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 . The eq is a little more expensive but the mount looks like it could cope with uneven ground better than the dob , any comments on either scope would be appreciated i would also like to know which is more portable thanks
  3. Ive just bought some 15x70 binos and im quite set on getting the horizon 8115 tripod for them . Ihave to say im very satisfied with them as i have observed the orion nebula , saturn , jupiter the moon and endless bright and colourful stars and clusters aimlessly from all over the sky I now feel the need to get them more stable so i can set more dso targets in my sights . I do think im heading down the bino route of astronomy so i have 2 questions i would like to ask and would be grateful for any replies Q.1 Would the horizon tripod be able to cope with 25x100 binoculars if i decided to upgrade at a later date? Q.2 How noticable would the difference be between 15x70's and 25x100's ?
  4. hi , Bart i received my 15x70 revelations afew weeks ago and after first looking through them i was seeing terrible double vision and assumed the collimation was well out . now after playing around with the main focuser and right eye peice focuser i noticed that the actuall long tube on the right side was loose , so i just hand tightened it and low and behold the double vision corrected itself as i twisted it i dont recommend that you force it but if you try to give it a gentle twist clockwise(as you are looking through them)you might notice it helps i dont think its an alternative way to collimate your bins i just think the long barrel wasnt tightened correctly . hope this helps as it certainly did for me and i was as reluctant ay you to send back my nice,shiny,lovley new toy it might be worth a small try as long as you feel your not forcing anything you shouldnt
  5. Yes they probably were satelites , they moved extremly fast blink and miss it . i think im used to seeing satelites move across the sky slow enough to track:)
  6. Tried out my new 15x75 revelations tonight and wasnt expecting to much at all . After reading some posts about veiwing orion nebula i just had to look there first and i certainly wasnt disapointed with what i saw . In my opinion £50 for a peice of equipment i can grab and go instantly veiwing sights not seen from the naked eye is bang on the money for my needs at the moment . On my first ever outing with equipment i saw the orion nebula , saturn very bright and colorful with just a glimpse (i think) of the rings , and i believe two meteors all in an hour or so. I think will be looking for a portable tripod or monopod in the very near future as i know ill probably spend some considerable time learning the night sky before i invest in a good scope
  7. Ok my first peice of astro kit arrived today . A pair of 15x70 revalation bins , i know im not going to get the same veiws as a 200 dob but its a start and at a bargain price of £49 i cant go far wrong. I have tried some terrestial veiwing and the collimation seems spot on (something that was worrying me from transit damage) but maybe i will get a better idea if the skies clear enough tonight for a little look . They seem solid enough and easier to hold steady than i thought they would be , the eye relief is absolutly brilliant so comfortable to use . I have been scanning the skies now with my eyes for months now and after being unable to decide on a telescope im looking forward to get out there to get a closer look . Thanks to all who answered my numerous questions on telescopes and about the revelations , Im sure if i have some positive experiances with the revelations i will buy a tripod as stated they can get a bit wobbly after prolonged use (my arms that is)
  8. yes i have been looking at a few monopods which sounds like a great idea to balance mobility with steady veiwing . ordered my revelations tonight and looking for a cheap monopod to begin with , if i find that the veiws through the binos are more than i expect then i will definatly purchase a tripod for £70 - £100 with my total cost being £150 max , i dont think thats to much of an outlay to get started as hopefully the binos will still be useful piece of kit when i decide to go for my first scope , thanks again for all your advice
  9. Im not entirley sure if i can get a discount . but i read a thread that said members with more than ten posts can get a discount code for certain items by emailing FLO for the coupon . maybe im wrong but ill give it a go:)
  10. ok guys , thanks for all your help . thats me settled on 15x70 revelations . will be placing order as soon as i recieve discount code from flo , cheers
  11. out of interest can you see any of jupiters moons ?
  12. Thank you Dan . Yes my stubborn mind tells me to go as big as possible lol if it wasnt for you sound people on sgl i might nearly try holding up two 150mm skywatcher pl's after pulling them out me pocket lol
  13. thanks for your advice nexus . I have seen a few users that have 15x70 revelations in their equipment set up and wondered if dso observing is possible and also are the rings of saturn viewable through decent binos?
  14. yeah i could believe that nicnac . I wont rule out the use of a tripod indefinatley . I just want to get out there as quick as possible with as much apature with as less money lol
  15. sorry , i forgot to ask are there many dso's that can be observed through binos ?
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