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  1. Hi, I have a Sky-Watcher 130P on a standard EQ3-2 mount, but I'd really like to get a goto Mount. What are the best (weighed up against cost) options to do this? Thanks
  2. Also, what do you think I could get for my current scope if I decide to sell it???
  3. Hi, I'm looking at the below scope as my next purchase. I currently have the SW 150 but on an EQ3 manual mount. What's engines opinion - is it worth the change over, out do I just get a goto mount for my current scope??? Sky-Watcher SkyHawk 1145P SynScan AZ GOTO Thanks
  4. I've lost the dust cap cover for the tube on my 6" skywatcher and can't find a replacement anywhere.... can anyone help please?!
  5. Please can someone let me know the best free program you use for video imaging. I've got a SPC500nc webcam that I want to use with my SW150. What's the best program to download?
  6. This is my first attempt in absolutely ages, and I dont have my webcam at the moment so had to make do with my Samsung S8 to take the photo. Scope used was my SW150 and then GIMP to improve the image (before and after below). Any comments and (especially) tips would be very much welcomed
  7. Thanks people. Registax and Autostakkert were the 2 I used to use, so thanks for the reminders on those!
  8. What's the best free imaging programme online? I used to use one with my spc webcam, but it's been a few years now and I really want to get back into it.
  9. I have that software but find the picture quality at the time of videoing to be much better on wXAstrocapture if I'm honest - unfortunately that quality doesn't continue through to processing!!!!! I'm wondering if I'm just missing a codec, but not sure how to find out????
  10. I have a problem! I went out tonight and tried capturing Jupiter with my SPC900 webcam using WXAstrocapture. Unfortunately when I came in from the cold to look over and process my videos, NOTHING! There was no image at all even though the video seemed to be playing??? The only difference I can see from previous videos, it that the AVI it titled 'Object' and not 'Capture' like all my other DivX Videos. What's gone wrong????
  11. What set up did you use for this? The quality is fantastic - so much detail!
  12. I've just used the stock Barlow which is a 2x with the SPC900n Webcam. I try not to overdo the gain too much but mess about with the brightness if possible. I tried drizzling 3x but the quality suffered massively as you said it would. I know I'm not going to be getting the same size images as some people do on here, but I'm fairly certain that I should be able to improve on what I have at the moment?
  13. How can I increase the size of the images I'm getting? Is just the case of getting a more powerful Barlow or is there something I should be doing in processing??? conv_Capture 16_11_2013 01_48_59_pipp_g5_b3_ap14.tif
  14. This is my first outing with my scope for months and I thin it shows. I'm not overly impressed with this capture of Jupiter - lack of detail, lack of size....... I'm using the stock barlow with the webcam for the imaging and wonder if perhaps I need a better barlow?
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