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  1. Do any of you have any idea if FLO are open Sat mornings, Ive got a day off work tomorrow and am itching to have a look around (wallet's fat and moneys burning a hole in my pocket) !! :grin:

    I live in Launceston I'm gonna drive up to Exeter tomorrow  (its only 40 mins away) so not big deal if theyre closed

    Many thanks

  2. Thanks for the compliment... I am pleased with the shots (as a newbie) I'm sure I will get better focus in time

    Wow !

    Michael  that shot is REALLY  amazing!!  The detail is fantastic... how long have you been imaging ?

    How many frames in the mosaic ?

    I've only just started really and Like I said "I've got got an awfull lot to learn"

    I hope that this £50 outlay can get me some better images, but of course its all in the processing

    Trouble is now I'm gonna have to spend more money on a filter wheel and filters so I can do some planetary !

  3. I've also done the same modifications to my colour SPC900, in order to get focus with the PST

    Here's  a couple of pics to enable you to see how close to focus  I'm getting, What do you think ??

    OK - OK I know I've got a lot to learn about Processing, Its a very steep learning curve & at the moment I'm at the bottom of the hill  !


    First Light with Mono SPC900 - PST


    Prom from Colour SPC900 - PST - (photoshop enlarged)


    Thanks for any comments


  4. Yes hobbit, I am aware of the back focus problem with the PST,  but where there's a will, there's a way (I hope)

    Steve, the Barlow is the easy way round the problem and is obviously a great way to get up close and personal , but I shall want to get some (almost) full disk shots.

    So I think I may have it sorted....

    I've rehoused the camera into a FLAT faced plastic container, which brings the sensor several mm closer  and also taken a saw to the Nose Piece adapter and shortened the connecting threads which has also given me a few more mm...

    I think I'm getting close to focus !! :smiley:

  5. I'm chuffed to bits.

    Recently purchased (from astro buy and sell)  a Mono chipped phillips SPC900 webcam  for £50.

    Thought it might be OK for imaging the Sun with my Coronado PST.

    Do you think this is a good idea or have I wasted my £££

    Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated



  6. I'd be great to join you...... I'm just up the road (Lanson) !!

    It would be nice to meet up and share (as a greenhorn I've got a lot to learn)

    Maybe in december when the weathers better, eh....

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