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  1. I am very much looking forward to this, I've been on a couple of courses with Gary and have learnt so much from him... He gives fantastic presentations and his work is so inspiring !! Paul Cotton
  2. Thanks I was wondering how I was supposed to upload the images
  3. Captured using C9.25, FL 2200mm, Resolution 0.27" ASI 290 MC-S, 1min AVI - 19935 frames - 50% stacked Processed with AS3, Registax6, PS 5 and FastStone Diam 43.22 - Mag 2.4 2017-05-04-2306_5-L_lapl4_ap9Wav150%.tif
  4. Cheers Guys - Thanks for the info Paul
  5. Many thanks ant I'm sure I've read recently that the've opened a new larger showroom (they are NOT just online) ! but I do need to find out opening times
  6. Do any of you have any idea if FLO are open Sat mornings, Ive got a day off work tomorrow and am itching to have a look around (wallet's fat and moneys burning a hole in my pocket) !! I live in Launceston I'm gonna drive up to Exeter tomorrow (its only 40 mins away) so not big deal if theyre closed Many thanks
  7. Thanks for the compliment... I am pleased with the shots (as a newbie) I'm sure I will get better focus in time Wow ! Michael that shot is REALLY amazing!! The detail is fantastic... how long have you been imaging ? How many frames in the mosaic ? I've only just started really and Like I said "I've got got an awfull lot to learn" I hope that this £50 outlay can get me some better images, but of course its all in the processing Trouble is now I'm gonna have to spend more money on a filter wheel and filters so I can do some planetary !
  8. That's the reason that I'm so chuffed at picking up the Mono cam. I modified the colour one before, as it was all I had and just wanted to see if it was possible to get focussed . I'm sure with a bit more tweaking,it looks like it may be a winner ! Paul
  9. I've also done the same modifications to my colour SPC900, in order to get focus with the PST Here's a couple of pics to enable you to see how close to focus I'm getting, What do you think ?? OK - OK I know I've got a lot to learn about Processing, Its a very steep learning curve & at the moment I'm at the bottom of the hill ! First Light with Mono SPC900 - PST Prom from Colour SPC900 - PST - (photoshop enlarged) Cheers Thanks for any comments Paul
  10. Yes hobbit, I am aware of the back focus problem with the PST, but where there's a will, there's a way (I hope) Steve, the Barlow is the easy way round the problem and is obviously a great way to get up close and personal , but I shall want to get some (almost) full disk shots. So I think I may have it sorted.... I've rehoused the camera into a FLAT faced plastic container, which brings the sensor several mm closer and also taken a saw to the Nose Piece adapter and shortened the connecting threads which has also given me a few more mm... I think I'm getting close to focus !!
  11. I'm chuffed to bits. Recently purchased (from astro buy and sell) a Mono chipped phillips SPC900 webcam for £50. Thought it might be OK for imaging the Sun with my Coronado PST. Do you think this is a good idea or have I wasted my £££ Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks Paul
  12. I think these are great, Ive had mine for a couple of months now (the 365 type) for my c.925/NEQ6, early days but so far no problems at all. They are expensive but I got my direct from the states...... AND saved myself a few quid.... Rip Off Britain or what ? !!
  13. I'd be great to join you...... I'm just up the road (Lanson) !! It would be nice to meet up and share (as a greenhorn I've got a lot to learn) Maybe in december when the weathers better, eh....
  14. Sorry All, Ive just ordered a C9.25 from FLO upgraded from my OO 6" reflector
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