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  1. Thanks for the tip Shibby, can you expand a little more on the IR filter as I was, as you guessed, planning to buy a lens for use with the body for normal photography. Plan to use Fixation for the repair.
  2. Apologies in advance if this thread should be appearing elsewhere as I am a newcomer to imaging. I have at my disposal a Nikon D70 body waiting for repair, I would like to use it to image with my Skymak 127. Is there any particular recommendation or specification I can request whilst the camera body is being repaired and serviced? All advice and guidance much appreciated. Thanks. Greamy.
  3. Thank you Dave, just run through it again and you are correct albeit a rate of 4 on my controller, but still slow enough and 'quiet' enough to not notice what is going on unless as you point out, I'm looking through the eyepiece.(one step at a time!) However I wonder want the tolerance for 'Alignment Failed' might be as I am presently just experimenting, in wait for clear skies? Gently does it... Greamy..
  4. Having just purchased a Skywatcher Synscan-127 AZGT, I have been going through the set up menus, indoors, checking procedures. I have noticed that on 2 star alignment, I am not able to slew the scope in using the direction controls during the prompt for fine alignment of the second star. In fact the controller slews then says 'alignment successful' after I press enter. Is there anything I have overlooked in other setup menus, I have followed the manual and controller prompts to the T. Sorry a frustrated newcomer to GOTO. Many thanks.
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