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  1. Hi i hope this is not taken the wrong way but having made my welcome post (i was asked about my nickname) i have just gone to edit my profile with a little info about myself and found there is no profile info (am i missing something) i find this quite strange as i find this to be the norm on all other sites/forums i use ... i'm looking forward to using your site as i progress into the world of astronomy/astrophotography
  2. carpman

    Hi to All

    @ moogy n nightfisher my nickname originates from my "ca rp" fishing days many years ago.... While does the forum star out (****) the word "ca rp"
  3. carpman

    Hi to All

    Just though i would say hi , i have just bought a skywatcher 150p (without goto couldnt afford that yet ), this is the second time owning a telescope the 1st was a 4" on an equatorial mount many years ago . i'm hoping to combine this with my dslr and take some nice pics eventually (after i buy the goto). I think since buying scope there has only been one night that was partially clear typical , i have struggled with getting it set up but i'm awaiting a clear night to check my settings now, chat soon Dan.....
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