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  1. Hiya Eon welcome to Sgl well if youve be lurking for eon's yyou know that there all v helpful and friendly here
  2. Unfortunatley i'm in a similar situation but i have a hill to my west , i use a polar scope Skywatcher - Skywatcher Polarscope for EQ3-2 & EQ5 Where are you gonna be doing your imaging from ? The reason i ask it is when ever/where ever u take you scope outside you will have to re-align it every time i'm hoping this is the info you require (i'm a newbie to)please guys if i've got this wrong excuse me ....
  3. Its on now on info tv+1
  4. Thats a great shot i'm still waiting to get a look
  5. Guys i know we all share on here so i though i would give you the chance to take a slice of the abundant blanket cloud that we have here in London Dan
  6. carpman


    Welcome to sgl Nigel
  7. I always love viewing the images on here as it encourages me more n more that i,m making the right move getting into imaging eventually
  8. Thats a nice winter scene with some great cmments from the pro's
  9. come on guys some 1 scan it in ............
  10. I nearly went in there the other week toget some info i'm glad i didnt if thats the sort of attitude u get , that is my local astro shop but i will continue to use shop where i got my scope in the first place even though its not exactly local ( Dorking )
  11. Thats great i like it , still waiting to view Saturn myself
  12. Sound like a great program typical i'm out tonight
  13. Handy post as this would be something that i will need to get in the near future
  14. There is but you wont be able to see it unfortunatly till you have logged up 50 post,s
  15. Cracking picture Martin , when i saw your image i went and had a look at the ccd your using and u could have knocked me over with a feather when i saw the price lol (maybe when i win the lottery
  16. Well done i know exactly how u feel i had a picture that made it into a photo mag last year and i was happy as the perverbial pig .
  17. carpman

    Hello everyone

    Hiya Pete n welcome to Sgl
  18. Nice shot , i'm still waiting view it never mind capture it on film seems to be loads of cloud in London at the mo lol
  19. Nice shot looking forward to getting shots like this when i get webcam and motor drive
  20. Cheers PsycoBilly all sorted now thanku it accepted first time so i tried the originla details aswell and that saved to a back up , i tried enter details about 6-7 times and allways gave the error , i dont know y it went threw this but who cares its done cheers Dan
  21. Guys i found a link to ccd calc on here while viewing a different thread about how pics could look with certain setups , i thought this was a great idea because in the near future i would like to get into the imaging side of things , i downloaded it last night and installed . After the install i added my scope (sw explorer 150p) manually as its not on their list , heres where the problem starts my camera (nikon d5000) is not on their camera list either so silly old me thought thats easy i'll add it , no chance its asking questions i have no idea to the answers ... So my question is to ccd calc users ....... Can any one tell me the Camera setting for my Nikon D5000 please PS I have had a reply from Cornelius Varley (in original thread) recommending Fov Calc for my details but when i enter them it comes up with a "runtime error 13" then closes "is this my fault" ie details wrong or is it a software error . Cheers for all help and patience in advance
  22. Guys ive just downloaded ccd calc , ive added my scope (sw explorer 150p) . my camera is (Nikon d5000) not there so want to create it but i cant found out any of the details ... Pixel size. chip size
  23. Sorry guys have got the standard mount eq3-2
  24. Here u go i think this is what your looking for http://www.orion-xt10.com/philips-spc900nc-webcam.htm
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