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  1. this is the reply i get when it crashes then if i try and open with registax it just says file cannot be opened
  2. using Windows 7 Just check its NTFS which can handle 16tb files
  3. Hiya all I think i've got a problem with my gear i'm using Wx astro cature along with aphillips spc880/900 my problem seems to be if i record over 2gb i cant open the avi , i did try again today i ran 2 x 5000 frame avi's and on both occasions they failed does anybody know of any issues with wx astro capture capturing long avi's Cheers Dan
  4. Hiya Thunderbird welcome to Sgl and lp city from a fellow newbie/ Londoner.
  5. will try that next time if/when the clouds clear again hopefully be able to track too
  6. detail were Sw explorer 150mm on eq3-2 using 2 x barlow and spc880/900 absolutly no tracking made from single passes Jupitor was made up of a 20 sec clip and put through registax 5 on the final part i got registax to double size Saturn was made up of a 30 sec clip like above but played around with different settings and using drizzle and double size currently awaiting my Ra drive
  7. My first attempts i dont want to say to much but get yuor oppinions , i know there a long way from good but i do feel like i'm on the right road
  8. The clouds will have closwd in b4 you get to the top of the steps You better organise a descent size cherry picker
  9. They look ideal for camping and would heat tent better than a halogen heater i should think with the aid of the fan (shame i'm skint at the mo)
  10. I find if you stare at the center for a few second you can see the tunnel / 3d effect top marks this is the sort of image that is inspiring to all the newbies that are wanting to get into AP including myself
  11. This is a lovely picture from both sides of the fence astro/landscape framing is spot on
  12. i just finished mine just same tech (blue peter style) know where near as good as Bizibilders (Top half is rough as hell but second half came out well) but for first attempt im pleased will post pics tomorrow
  13. I finally got a few descent viewing hours last night , london smog cleared for a while so setup scope polar aligned fairly quick with the use of polar finder great , scope wont take long to cool as its kept in my shed ... Right where to start i'm thinking quite excited with having a clear sky ok quick butchers at jupiter ( check dec and ra just to see how close there are they're v close i know they are mostly cosmetic ) I tried a bit of A-focal with point and shoot cam but Pics came out rubbish then got called for me Dinner sod it ( i know wot your all thinking it clouded over before i got back out ) well your wrong it was still clear right grab my laptop and start stellarium up the garden i go "its freezing" I decide to try and look for the horsehead have tried before and not seen it , still no joy i tried all different combi's of eps (i'm beginning to wonder can it be viewed visually) ok where to now right back to lappy Next i check round orion to see where to go , right i'm off to have a look at m42 again to see if i can see it any better than on my first visit , yeap defo better viewing can see loads more tonight head north to check out ngc 2169 ok its not bad but the most important thing is i found it right west to pleiades found that straight now thats a lovely sight bundles of start i could even make it out in my finder scope ok times gettiing on and i'm freezing back to lappy for final time lets see if i can find Andromeda go slew round to rought area cant see it double check my position with naked eye ( yeah looks about right ) but still cant see change ep combis see if it makes a differance nah cant find it and then i spot what looks like a small cotton wool ball i thinks thats it but i'm a little disappointed with the view checked out dif combo again not much better still no detail (After checking 12dstring fov calc tonight i dont thing it was ...) , right i one look at pleaides then i'm off indoors cant get over what a lovely sight that was . ps i must say that after i had found the above i checked/cross referenced with setting circles and they were about right maybe not spot on but they were close enough to be able to get me in the right manor
  14. well i'm still waiting ........
  15. thats how i did mine to jsut unscrew anti clockwise then screw new scope in
  16. i see myself as a bit of sponge , i love learning new things it doesn't make any difference how hard they are , knowledge is a great thing and creation is even better , i have only just started in astronomy but eventually i plan to get into the imaging side of things , i have only dabbled at the mo and taken a few pics i know there is peeps here that will take this a lot further than others and will be a lot better than others .. Dan ps All the images that have been taken has captured a moment in time and they are gone forever no two pictures will ever be exactly the same , in the end it is each individuals interpretation of how they perceive the finished picture
  17. Hi all i know theres a lot of peeps using the phillips webcam . How many of you have bought them from morgans and what sort of service have you had ? The reason i ask is i paid for my cam on the 20th and my mrs contacted them for me to find out why i had not recieved it yet (28th yesterday) and they told her her it was sent out on the 27th via first class post , i dont mind it taking a week if they had bothered to inform me via e-mail that there are out of stock or they had a problem (they didnt give a reason) but there i was thinking i might get a chance to use over the wkend well this is the second wkend gone since ordering and still no cam (not that the weather has been kind to us )
  18. hi Insanitydefence welcome to SGL
  19. good pic for first planetary image , i think they call what u did (putting cam against ep) "A focus" To those with more knowledge about this kind of thing please dont hang me
  20. Great images i hope mine turn out like that when i get my kit together
  21. Hello Struders welcome to Sgl you have come to the right place for info and advise , great bunch here...
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