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  1. Right heres mu first attempt i processsed it today after been stacked a couple of wks ago lol not sure of the make up of stack but i think it was something like 60 ish x 20s subs and prob 40 x darks
  2. I'm using a nikon d5000 (Prime focus)
  3. Thinking of upgrading my mount to aid me in the pursuit of the dark side (dso imaging ) , i will be looking to the used market for the upgrade but which way do i going cg5gt or heq5 , i have read they are both nearly the same and made by the same company apart from the cg5gt has the same legs as the eq6 ( 2" ) is this the only difference ?
  4. It looks like answers lead to more questions:) @ Ben which is the better option darks or bias ? Obviously bias are faster so save on time.... So if ive got this right it does not matter how many subs you take . you need to take 20 darks or bias / flats. The last thing i want to be doing is losing any detail i might have gotten ... I have not tried using flats yet does it make a big difference to finished result ? When taking flats does the histogram need to be 3/4s to the right any tips on using als virtual lightbox i think i need all the advice and tips peeps can give Cheers Dan
  5. This may be help me , i just tried the link and its tell me the request topic does not exist,
  6. Come on all is there no new peeps that have done any ???? Just had a quick look and i have a couple of attempts at m42 but none finished yet between work and learning / reading as much as i can i aint finished either yet to any thing i'm happy with yet " i'm my own worst critic of my work and i need to happy with it " Dan
  7. Guys or Gals Is there a formula for the amount of flats / darks / bias taken to the amount of subs being used ????? Also is it correct that u need to take the flats in exactly the same orientation as your subs , Ie need to b taken at the same time as the subs you will be using them for ????? The reason i ask is as a noob i'm unsure The other day i took 170 x 10s subs , 40 dark , 30 flats and 30 bias is this over kill or not enough , i know exposures are short but i only have an ra drive that will take max about 25s subs ( until i upggrade and learn how to process the finished stack ) sorry for all the questions but hey ho this is a very steep learning curve Danny
  8. I was going to try this technique out along with flats using als virtual light box (1 time trying flats) but somewhere along the way i changed camera settings from nef to jpeg for the bias & flats so ended up with 170 x 10s subs and 40 x 10s darks which i have not tried to process yet ! Dan
  9. I'm well impressed with your test shots and skill in developing to such a beautiful finished image this will help me and many others that are not using guiding yet My only question is where were these taken ( i assume a dark site ) ?
  10. I cant remember exactly n dont know if i would be allowed to say (if you get my drift) had it a while it came as part of a book collection
  11. Thats a cracking M42 mate , i like this so much that its now my destop background , i hope u dont mind
  12. i've just relised i've got in pdf form but never read it looks like i know what i'll be doing this evening since the weather is acting up as usual
  13. sorry got a copy of that to
  14. Hiya Peeps I've got to the stage where i really want to get involved with imaging (mainly dso with some planetary) i dont know if this makes a big difference to kit required but i live in the highest lp area in uk London lol What would the minimium requirements be ? Do you need a guide scope / guide system , recommended mounts i am budget conscience I currently have a skywatcher explorer 150p on eq3-2 (with ra drive) , phillips spc880/900 web cam , nikon d5000 dslr , lp/uhc filters . Cheers Dan
  15. i dont have a canon but are u connecting cam to scope via canon t ring ? if so this may help http://stargazerslounge.com/primers-tutorials/133040-how.html
  16. Am i missing something cant see link or pics every thing back to norm i just rebooted ff
  17. You've made some great progress and its looking good are u going to line out the warm room look forward to roof conversion
  18. i'm right eyed even though i had a cataract removed and now pocessing a plastic lens since then had laser surgery all on the same eye my mrs says it funny sometimes when u look at my eye u can see the lens wobbling Anyway back to subject all you peeps that are left eyed/r handed or right eyed/l handed i'm sure there is a medical term for this
  19. all that can be said has been said Would love the chance to see this up close with camera in hand could watch sort this beautiful creation all night i'm so jealous Top marks for video
  20. Hi all I recently came across a problem after trying to add a filter to my imaging setup ,very basic setup i may add but as i still call myself a newbie this is to be expected .... I have made this how to for those that may come/have this problem Please this is my first ever video of myself doing any kind of instruction and it feels very embarrassing thinking thats so many may view this anyway i hope it works for you and saves you some money Cheers Dan
  21. carpman


    wow i finally saw it tonight not been in from work long was trying to get camera and scope ready before it got here but to no avail scope was set up on capella but it was to far away from there to view with 25mm ep .... But at least i saw it I will be ready tomorrow night if its clear it travels right over bellatrix at 20:22 so plenty of time to setup
  22. using registax and window to check it i know its not a problem with my laptop as i have installed sharpcap tonight and tested it with 5gb + avi's and no probs with registax or windows
  23. Dam i missed it i wouldnt mind i have been waiting to see this for ages What is the best way to track when is gonna be visable
  24. Hiya Robin Beening a newbie and having trouble with other software i decided i would give sharpcap a go to my relieve the probs i had with the other software are now gone but .. Theres always a but as easy as your system is to use i have 2 questions for you i'm using win 7 with a phillips spc880/900 1 on colour space / compression :- what is the differance between them 2 in the video capture filter / picture :- you have the ablity to change shutter speed but u have know way to tell what the shutter speed is ? ( is this for dslr's only ) I may have more questions once i use it for real .... Cheers Dan ps great friendly software
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