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  1. Hi all, been a while since I have been on here and just want to open with my wish that everyone is safe and well in these weird nightmare times. A while back I sold my skywatcher 150p due to lack of use and I have been imaging with my celestron nexstar 127 but I am after a quick and easy wide field scope. This is also born with the prospect of Comet Atlas being a worthy visitor at the end of May. I have owned an ST80 some yeats back and was going to buy the 102 on its EQ mount as its quick and easy and good value and possible ok for the quick mirrorless camera sky shot - BUT - I see they do a diferent but exceedingly similiar model called the Starquest 102 on a similiar EQ mount and its possible to mount a single speed RA drive to this. I wondered if anybody had any insight on best to buy or has used both/either? Harrison telescopes do the starquest with a drive brought seperate for about £263 delivered. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm going to hopefully buy a Celestron Advanced VX C9.25 GoTo SCT Telescope this sunday for £1150 and it seems mint. I think this is a worthy upgrade? Peoples thoughts?
  3. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264421071754 Or this one as I dont mind a journey
  4. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143353338414 What about this?
  5. I've only ever done planetary imaging on my 127 nexstar using a zwo asi224 but do own a few canon dslr as well. I'd like to do some dso imaging with my eos m50 as well. I'm going to upgrade and wondered if the 8se with a focal reducer is good enough or is the 200p a more do anything option? The size of the 8se is appealing but flo do a good 200p for £1150? I'm storing in a good man cave so my scopes dont travel far.
  6. Price added as I have added a lot to the scope so I cant go on the new price of the scope alone. yes its a complete package inc mount etc. Thanks for the advice and apologies.
  7. Upgraded 127 goto 9x50 finderscope power focus drive with spare belts and extension cord. I have the wifi adpter for this as well but this this is £80 so a saving on new Im after £350 or offers for the scope alone??? wifi is extra. Selling due to getting a 200p goto. Im in Stoke on Trent but can deliver locally.
  8. Selling my 150p with a 10mm and 25mm eyepiece modified as shown Motordrive 9x50 angled erect finderscope focus drive polarscope with attachable illuminator perfect condition Stoke on Trent - can deliver locally between Stoke and cannock where I work. £300
  9. Thanks Dave it does make sense. I have been looking at a nexstar 8 se this morning which I could get if I sold both of mine but I'm not sure of its dso abilities? But a new goto 200p or pd is affordable but again I assume this wouldn't give me any benefit over my celestron for planetary imaging?
  10. My 150p has a motor drive focus on it plus a drive for the eq3 mount and a polar scope so its upgraded. I have looked at the 200p goto scopes as an upgrade even a eq5 goto mount for my 150p?
  11. Well I've owned a 150p with a motor drive ( not goto) and a celestron 127 nex star which I use the most for planetary imaging use a zwo cam and wonder if a 200p goto would be a nice upgrade to replace both? I've got about £800 to spend and wondered what the members opinions are?
  12. I will give it a go tonight as need to align first (heres hoping for a clear sky though). I have managed to get my remote focusser to work today and aligned my red dot finder so hopefully I can do everything from the comfort of my pc/shed/observatory
  13. Hi all. Well last night I thought Id have a go at controlling my goto scope with stellarium. Got it connected and the software found the scope, designated the correct comm port and it clearly said connected. The handset though on the scope kept stating an error whilst I had it connected to the pc and I could not get it to move via the software (I had done a three point alignment first). Any idea's???????????
  14. Hi all A good friend has purchased two stars (sounds mad doesnt it lol) for his grand kids. HD131585 hd 142703 Both in Libra and he is after images of them to frame. I can find the second one in my charts and even get an image but the first one comes up with a blank and yet they are supposed to be two eye visible stars as seen from the UK so any assistance would be appreciated pointing me in the right direction plus my own imaging ability isnt up to this?
  15. Im after a goto 127 for planetry imaging - was planning on getting the skywatcher 127 within the next week or so but this has caught my eye - only issue is Im in Stoke and hence was going to buy online to get it posted? (Im always working so planning a trip for collection is a bit hard in daytime). Very nice scope - would be a nice addition to my collection (150p and a st80)
  16. Thanks Julian Thats great news, IM pretty good with wiring so Ill get it sorted. Thanks for the advice. Gazza
  17. Hi all I have the 2 axis motor drive and a autofocuser on my 150p and wondered if you can extend the cables - as they look like the phone type plugs? Reason I ask is I do my imaging via my ZWO from my observatory (shed lol) and this way I could control the scope from inside to save keep running out to change settings.
  18. Well brought my ZWO last year and never used it to be honest as always used my DSLR so tonight I had a quick go with sharpcapture and my first attempt at stacking - and I know its not brilliant but to be honest Im very pleased, just need to learn more now - used on my skywatcher 150p. Had it linked up to my laptop in the shed but wish I could extend my motordrive cables for the remote and my auto focuser cable then i could stay cosey?
  19. Just seen this for sale on a well known online trading site second hand and seems a good price? Googled it and people say its to "shakey" for astrophotography. I currently have the 150p on a 3-2 mount with 2 axis motors and its pretty stable with my dslr on it and read the eq5 is better but then I read with a 200p its too top heavy. I was going to buy a 127 goto for planetry work but the shed would then have 3 scopes in it (plus me sitting in the middle) so had the idea one decent scope is less hassle.
  20. So it looks like I'll be spending £350 on a 127 goto lol!!!!!!!!! So I'll have my 150p for DSO My Startravel 80 for wide field 127 for planetry stuff Cool thanks for the heads up, so in essence just because it gives you the same it doesn't always look the same?
  21. Almost payday and Im planning on a 127 skymax with a goto The question I have though is that the skymax gives you 1500mm in focal length (I think) but my 150p with a 2x barlow gives me the same focal length so I cant get my head around the idea the 127 will give me better images of the planets? My 150p has a motor drive for tracking but I know its better for DSO stuff due to its field of view and light gathering but Im itching to get more out of my asi 224mc on the planets.With a 127 am I in reality just buying something my 150p already delivers?
  22. I have exactly the same setup as you. My 150p is on the 3/2 mount but I have added a decent motor drive and an autofocuser for my imaging. Im thinking the goto mak127 like you would be a great addition but id love to see beforehand just how much better the planetry images are compared to my 150p as I only want it for planets and the moon as my 150 is for DSO targets. The bumph states the 127 does not magnify as good as the 150p so to be honest cant get my head round why it gives better images (I onow the focal length is twice that of the 150p but with a barlow the 150p is the same length?
  23. A man can never have too many toys!!!!!!! I know what you mean about the dew, when I was out imaging the last lunar eclipse I really struggled with the dew. I must slow down when I get the 127 though as the man shed is running out of room.
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